HDPA: No Sympathy for Those Who Don’t Want to Be to Be Jabbed

The net is closing even further around the vaccine hold outs. 

[…] It has sparked a lot of robust debate, especially among people who don’t want to be forced to get jabbed.

If you’re among that group, I’ve got no sympathy for you.

[…] People are going to get angry at you for what they perceive to be selfish actions.

[…]There are business owners going broke to give you the chance to get the jab.

[…] – there will be people who don’t get the medical treatment they need because you are getting it because you didn’t get the jab. 

And people will consider that selfish on your part.

So, while I support your right to refuse to get the jab legally, I want to warn you that none of the rest of us wants to hear your complaining about the consequences because we are already wearing the consequences on your behalf. 

What’s been announced in the last few days is just the start of it. Get ready. 

Once again we have a Vaxhole blaming the un-vaccinated for the actions of the government.

Business owners are going broke HDPA because of Government lockdowns not the unvaccinated. Yet again the finger of blame is being pointed at completely the wrong people.

Calling actions that stomp all over other people’s rights and freedoms justifiable consequences is so wrong.

Once this outbreak is underway good and proper – which is a real risk – there will be people who don’t get the medical treatment they need because you are getting it because you didn’t get the jab. 

Demonising the unvaccinated as somehow less deserving of hospital treatment than others crosses a moral line as does scapegoating them for others not being able to access medical treatment.

The so-called consequences HDPA is referring to are in reality nothing more than good old fashioned bullying to try to ensure conformity. Private businesses are only resorting to these bullying tactics because they in turn are being bullied by the government.

When these bullying tactics fail the “consequences” will become worse and worse. I wonder at what point will HDPA start to have sympathy for her friends and family who continue to stand up for their right to not be bullied into a personal medical decision?

Will it be when they lose the right to travel internationally?

Will it be when they are prevented from travelling locally?

Will it be when they lose their jobs?

Will it be when banks start shutting their accounts?

If “consequences” to bully citizens into doing what the state mandates that they do is okay, at what point I wonder would today’s Vaxhole of the day think that the state has gone too far?

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