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It seems that many people want to hold faith leaders Brian Tamaki and Peter Mortlock accountable for backing protests that they consider to be potential “super spreaders” of Covid-19. 

So if people see this as a justifiable position, then there is another public figure who needs to also be charged: our Covid-19 “expert” Dr Siouxsie Wiles.

Over the past 18 months, this celebrity technocrat has been appointed by Labour and the sold-out media to be the go-to gal for recommendations on how the lives of every New Zealander should be restricted under a “pandemic”. This has included Level 4 lockdowns, which are proving increasingly to be economically and socially unsustainable, and likely far more harmful than the virus itself.

Dr. Wiles recommended that no person travel anywhere further than 5km from their bubble. She also recommended social distancing, including in areas of the country that were at Level 2. 

People were also expected to wear masks, despite it being well-known that a single Covid-19 virion is many times smaller than the pores in the fabric of most masks, making the effectiveness of most masks highly dubious. 

A 2021 randomised controlled study in Denmark attempted to ascertain the effectiveness of masks, and evidence from the study showed that the adoption of mask wearing by a community would not significantly reduce its rates of infection as there was found to only be a 0.3% difference in results between the test group and the control group.

For further evidence of the arbitrary nature of mask mandates, Dr. Wiles herself described masks in a 1 News interview on the 20th of August as “more a “collective good” than anything else”, and when asked which masks were the most effective, she said “something is better than nothing…just have something”. 

During the last lockdown, The BFD demonstrated that this “New Zealander of The Year” had hypocritically breached some of the very rules she had imposed on the rest of us in order to “stop the spread”, as they say.

So if many people in the general public are motivated to call for charges being brought to Mr. Tamaki for his actions, then we also call on the police to uphold the rule of law and show consistency by also charging Dr. Wiles for breaking the rules. 

If we use the arguments of Dr. Wiles and her advocates, and if we indeed wish to successfully “eliminate” this virus, then the restrictions and their enforcement must apply to everyone—including the people making them!

Please sign this petition to Police Commissioner Andrew Coster calling for charges to be brought against Dr. Wiles for breaching Covid-19 restrictions.

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