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The media and the government are starting to put the screws on the unvaccinated.

In some channels, you, the gullible “vaccine hesitant” are given the less kind label: “anti-vaxxer” – even if you have been diligently getting poked with every shot on offer since you popped out. Once you are labelled an “anti-vaxxer”, the gloves can come off. Society has permission to denigrate, coerce and shame you. You are lower than an underarm bowler. It’s just not cricket! What about the team of five million? You’re letting the side down. You’re selfish. Or, increasingly on social media, a “killer” of babies and old people.

Even grandparents aren’t safe when it comes to trampling the once universal rules of bodily autonomy. Don’t get the needle? Then perhaps you don’t get to see your child’s newborn… [A veiled threat made anonymously through RNZ – by “Ruby* who is pregnant”]. “No jab, no job” policies and vaccine passports are well on their way. Basic rights and freedoms gone in 18 months, and without so much as a whimper.

If another lockdown is imposed “for our protection” or the borders are kept shut indefinitely, then it is all down to the dirty anti-vaxxers – holding us to ransom.

It’s great to have somebody to blame. I’m sure this Labour Government and media think so. Much easier than beefing up infrastructure and resources and policies that protect the vulnerable and allow us all to live freely. Much better to double down on “elimination” at any price.

And what do the tinfoil hat loonies have to be hesitant about anyway?

According to Medsafe, there has only been one death in New Zealand as a result of the Pfizer injection to date (4 September), while 53 additional deaths occurring post-jab are being chalked up to ‘coincidence’ or are still ‘pending investigation’. We are told that adverse events are very “rare”. In the 9 months since roll-out, there has only been this one, unfortunate, death.

I wonder how many more unfortunate deaths and serious adverse side effects have been reported in other countries?

I wonder how many deaths and “Adverse Events of Special Interest” (including so far for the Pfizer vaccine: deep vein thrombosis, haemorrhage, embolism, stroke, myocarditis, pericarditis, anaphylaxis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome and heart attack) have been reported for the regular ‘flu vaccine – one that has been in use for decades, not months, in this country?

I don’t know about you, but I am also curious as to the medium and long-term effects of mRNA jabs. We have been told that they are “safe” and “effective” and have been through a rigorous, independent process of approval for use in humans (according to ‘Hunger Games’-like pronouncements) – but I haven’t yet seen any studies or evidence of medium and long-term safety. Is that because I’m not a medical professional so not privileged to view research behind a firewall? Or is it because there aren’t yet any?

Hell, even the short-term benefit/risk ratio for some age groups seem dubious to me! But is that because I’m a cynical, government-hating, anti-social Conspiracy Theorist seeking to undermine my country and deny the greater good? Or is it because we are still finding out? Together! Go team!

Maybe it will take a year or two, or five years, or even fifty to know with any certainty the short, medium and long-term adverse effects on the New Zealand population of administering en masse a technology initially intended only to improve survival rates in the elderly. Some scientists (obviously quacks because they can now only publish on quirky website platforms where free speech is allowed) have already raised concerns about infertility. Probably not something your average teen would worry about when stumping up “informed consent” so they can pop over the ditch. Studies into the potential fertility problem are underway at major universities, but to bring it up now pushes you firmly onto the Conspiracy Theorist bus. Or under it.

Many people think the vaccine-hesitant are only holding back for fear of the needle. They reassure us by telling us it’s fine, your arm might hurt for a little while but that’s all. Their long-term concerns last no longer than a post-jab Hokey Pokey from the dairy on the way home. No need to be afraid, silly!

Some people think the hesitant are selfish. Even if there is little relative risk reduction for your age group, they think you should still get the jab to protect the vulnerable. This is the argument for injecting healthy children – to form a barrier to prevent infection in at-risk people. Recent data (apparently the only sort to hand, for now) show, however, that the vaccine does not prevent transmission. If you are vaccinated, you can still transmit the virus. Mind blowing!

In the UK last month vaccination of 12-15-year-olds was suspended [and was since resumed, causing alarm and protest] because the risks to this group of getting the vaccine outweigh the benefits. So, please tell me again, why are we continuing to inject healthy children in New Zealand with a vaccine that provides more risk than benefit to the child injected? And doesn’t prevent transmission?

Why are we ignoring the canaries and punishing the Cassandras? Why is it “dangerous” for health professionals to even consider treatment options, other than the Pfizer dose we have been sold? Why is any evidence pointing away from the government and media narrative immediately discounted as “misinformation”? Why are all discussions and counter-views shut down by the mainstream media? Where have all the journalists gone?

Is it just fear? And where did all this fear come from? It came from the dual podiums and banners and headlines and signs and announcements and experts and phone alerts and contact tracing and lockdowns and roadblocks and case numbers and border closures and isolation and slogans and bubbles and masks and MIQ lotteries and graphs and the threat of death – hundreds of thousands of deaths, if we don’t do what we’re told. Now it is turning into coercion, loss of income and social isolation. If the government and media are resorting to these extreme measures to protect us all, then this virus must be really, really scary. Don’t you think?

Scared people don’t think. They don’t question. They conform. They condemn those who don’t.

They report flatmates and family members for breaking the rules. And now, they are openly egged on by the government and media to shame every single one of us into getting the Pfizer jab, with no concern for personal rights or freedom of choice. But the ends justify the means, right?


Will it be decades before we all wake up?

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‘Dirty Anti-vaxxers – Holding Us to Ransom’
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