A spokesperson for the Guardians responded to criticism of their investment in some Chinese companies complicit in gross human rights violations by declaring “If we exited every company facing conduct concerns, all we’d achieve is to sell our stock to someone who cares less about these issues and is more willing to turn a blind eye.”

See our press release here.

The admission that the Guardians are somewhat willing to turn a blind eye to forced labour, targeting of Uyghur Muslims for oppression, censorship, Chinese state surveillance, and other human rights abuses; while they have selectively focussed on divesting from Israeli stocks makes a mockery of the Guardians’ attempts to portray themselves as ethical investors.

Join me in writing to the Guardians (and Finance Minister, Hon Grant Robertson) to ask them to reconsider their decisions – go to https://israelinstitute.nz/challenge-super-fund-hypocrisy/ or click the button below.

Write to the Guardians

And share the link with your friends and family – the more people who write, the more chance there is of action.

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Challenge the Super Fund’s Hypocrisy


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