Never before has a New Zealand government sliced and diced people into factions and divisions with such relish, seemingly intent on dividing to conquer.

The vaccinated are tasked with convincing the unvaccinated to get jabbed for the benefit of the ‘team of five million’.

Right from the start, the public was encouraged to dob in neighbours, becoming the government’s mouthpiece: “stay safe, stay home”, “social distance”, “stay in your bubble and don’t talk to your neighbours.”, “forget what we said about masks last year, wear them this year”.

New Zealanders are ganged up on by the government, media and their own family and friends who are pretty much going along with every illogical, perverse and unhealthy edict.

Our tyrant PM was not bothered when the first batch of small businesses hit the wall last year and this year her heart is hardened against desperate New Zealanders locked out of the country because MIQ spaces are prioritised for sports teams and ministerial junkets.

Green Privilege. Cartoon credit SonovaMin

A terrified public demanded border closure last year but Ardern insisted then that every New Zealander has the right to return home. Why is she denying them entry this year? What happened to compassion and kindness; the kindness she demands of us?

If we achieve 90% vaccination, we get the coveted get-out-of-jail-free card. Until this week, the PM avoided a percentage that will end lockdown, but this week we are told 90% fully vaccinated. The promise is also a threat and a good reason to lock us up in perpetuity if we don’t comply.

“There’s been lots of different scenarios modelled, but our position’s crystal clear, we think if we get to 90% vaccination we can open up safely without lock downs and people can get all the freedoms back that we used to.”

David Parker on the AM Show Friday 24 September

This week Ardern ordered Aucklanders over the age of 65 to stay home. I shudder at the plight of vulnerable elderly living alone who will do the ‘right thing’ at their own personal cost. Vulnerable seniors are firmly in her crosshairs to stay home for goodness knows how long.

Some will obey at great personal cost, while others will fling Ardern’s lying words ‘hard and early’ back at her and refuse to abandon a daily exercise regime. They will not forsake their physical and mental well being on the temperamental whim of their heartless PM.

To date 36% of the US population have resisted getting the jab, indicating that Ardern will fare no better here and possibly worse.

In parliament this week Judith Collins asked to see the modelling used to justify the latest movement in lockdown and Ardern point blank refused. An autocratic government refusing to debate the methodology for a crippling lockdown is a government not to be held to account. Ardern will do exactly what she wants.

The inhumanity of the Ardern government spreads into media who assault us daily with “no jab, no job” and “don’t let the unvaccinated into cafes, restaurants, shopping malls or events”. The unvaccinated are pariahs because they let down the ‘team of five million’. Escapees and their punishment, or lack of punishment, are today’s headlines.

What happened to “my body, my choice” – our right to refuse medical treatment – and the Nuremberg code? Why are we being forced to receive an experimental mRNA vaccine or lose our jobs?

The inhumanity of the Ardern government is reflected in her naked ambition and her use of the public as an unofficial arm of government.

“So here is our chance to lead the world again and that comes down to each and every one of us. We have the supply of vaccines we need, we have the workforce ready to do the job – so have that conversation with your whanau or friends. Help someone make a booking or give them a lift to a vaccination centre. Each action, large or small, gets us a step closer to the opportunities and freedoms we all want.”

Jacinda Ardern recruits the public to achieve higher vaccination 4 October 2021

Ardern’s knife is carving up Maori too, by forcing them to choose between allegiance to their evil colonial history or joining with a new breed of greedy political activists. What sort of choice is that? For the uninitiated, the lure is preferential treatment, over-representation in parliament and government bodies, sole ownership of previously shared water assets, a separate health system and goodness knows what else.

Maori separatism is a travesty: apartheid under a new name. Why? What happened to inclusiveness and acceptance? Tolerance and respect? Judging people on their motivation and values instead of skin colour?

Does the average New Zealander care or are they even aware that Ardern is pitting us against each other?

The Ardern government is chalking up a legendary scorecard of division and discord that is splintering and destroying the nation. It makes me want to weep for what might have been and for the future she is shaping for our children.

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