In a recent Insight, I compared Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter but there is at least one important difference: Carter started off riding high in the polls before slumping dramatically. In fact, Biden’s is one of the least popular presidential debuts in modern history. Only Trump, Dubya and Reagan started out with lower poll ratings. But Bush and Reagan actually rose in poll ratings. Biden is instead mirroring a more traditional post-election slump – only without the initial high.

And, in a country that traditionally respects the office of president, Americans are not shy about publicly expressing their disapproval of this one.

Joe Biden’s poll ratings are plummeting after his bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan but his “boo” ratings are skyrocketing. Wherever he has gone in the past two weeks he has been heckled. “Boooo,” came the voices, when he arrived at the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan on Saturday. “You’re a mutt for what you did to Afghanistan”, yelled a man. “Terrible, terrible.” “Don’t sniff ’em”, called out someone else when the President moved to greet a friendly face his minders directed him to – an elderly woman who appeared to be the same one he had greeted the previous year.

He is no more popular at college football games the past two weeks, where young people around the country have started chanting, “F— Joe Biden!”

“F— Joe Biden” was also the ­chorus at the Yankees-Mets game in New York on Saturday night.

Weekend concerts of country music stars were marked by the irreverent chant.

Such vocal disapproval might be as expected in red states, just as much as vocal hatred of Donald Trump was common in blue states for the past four years. What is ominous for Biden is that even bluer-than-blue New York is making the air turn a very different kind of blue.

Even in the progressive enclave of Brooklyn, New York, “F— Joe Biden” was heard on the Brooklyn Bridge this week, as a young crowd protesting the President’s recent vaccine mandate marched across.

It’s a crude insult but the President has not helped himself with angry rants and serial incompetence, from Afghanistan to the illegal migration calamity on the southern border, where vaccines are not mandated for migrants but are required for American citizens in the rest of the country, on pain of losing your job.

The most incomprehensible aspect of Biden’s U-turn on vaccine mandates is how unneeded it is: America is doing just fine on vaccination voluntarily. Two-thirds of adults are already fully vaccinated, and nearly all of the most-at-risk over-65s. The vaccine mandate is a spectacular unforced error.

Even worse, though, is Biden’s own behaviour at the recent 9/11 20th anniversary service.

It was his behaviour at the Ground Zero memorial service on Saturday morning that showed he has a thin skin for criticism and a peculiar insensitivity about how he alienates people.

A moment of inappropriate levity was captured in images of Biden as he and wife Jill stood alongside Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

He had removed his mask, his face was animated and his mouth wide open as if he were shouting at someone opposite. He made faces at ­people, waved and pointed in exaggerated fashion.

The stricken looks on the faces of everyone around him said it all.

Even more telling was his silence: the US president made not one speech to mark the anniversary of the worst terror attack on US soil. Even though he visited all three sites where the Islamist terrorists struck. The sense that his minders were intent on keeping the president’s mouth shut is underscored by the fact that Biden spent most of the past year claiming that the January 6 Capitol riot was a worse event than the murder of 3,300 Americans.

Biden’s apparent disrespect even extended to his choice of guest.

It also did not escape the attention of New Yorkers that he brought along the most despised politician in America, Californian Democrat Nancy ­Pelosi, and she had taken the prime spot in the front row at the Ground Zero memorial — a spot previously reserved for Rudy Giuliani.

It was a petty sign of disrespect to the hero former mayor who led New York through that terrible day 20 years ago.

Daily Telegraph

But Democrats loathe Giuliani for standing by former president Trump. Tribalist haters that they are, they clearly preferred a pickled old lizard from the other side of the country. For all Biden’s malarkey about being a “unity” president, he has done nothing but tear America apart.

But dishonouring the fallen of 9/11 is too far, even for New York. So, “Fuck Joe Biden” it is.

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‘F- Biden’: The Chant of a Fed-up America

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