Darroch Ball
Sensible Sentencing Trust

“The announcement today by the Minister of Police Poto Williams and Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, shows the pressure they have been under to deal with the rise and rise of gun violence – but have failed to deliver anything of any real substance,” says Darroch Ball co-leader of Sensible Sentencing Trust.

“Both the Minister and Commissioner mentioned the tragic murder of Constable Matthew Hunt last year as motivation and reasoning for an increase on ‘police safety’ – but none of what has been announced today would have prevented his death.”

“Williams and Coster both stated that Constable Hunt was killed during ‘routine duties’.  How then can officers defend themselves unless they are permanently armed during ‘routine duties’?”

“This ‘Claytons announcement’ only delivers a paltry $45 million which includes things such as four days extra training, a reactionary Tactical Response Model, and enhanced intelligence.”

“Tactical Response officers will be unarmed officers, wearing routine uniforms, and driving routine police vehicles.”

“How on earth would this reduce the immediate danger an officer, like Constable Hunt was in, if a gang member shot at them during a routine traffic stop?”

“The additional investments announced today would only ever be effective if it came with general arming of police and the re-introduction of the Armed Response Teams.”

“The vast majority of police officers know they need to be armed because of the increase in danger they are facing every day.”

“It is clear that the Minister has felt political pressure to look like there is something being done, but this is only a half-pie set of measures that are minimum at best.”

“Officers approaching a car they just pulled over armed with a taser and a notepad, are no match for the guy in the back with a shotgun on his lap.”

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Police Safety ‘Investment’: ‘Half-Pie Do-Nothing Announcment’
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