Given the Chinese Communist Party’s lifelong commitment to secrecy and lies, we’ll probably never know precisely what happened in Wuhan in the last months of 2019 but we’re starting to get a pretty good idea from circumstantial evidence. And it’s not looking good for a lot of people – not least Dr Anthony Fauci.

Like the other great disasters of the CCP, such as the Great Leap Forward, the truth is carefully scrubbed from the public record, however historians have been able to build a pretty good picture from the few declassified Party archives, testimony of witnesses, and incidental details that escaped the Party censors.

Journalist Sharri Markson is set to publish the first unofficial history of the origins of the pandemic, What Really Happened in Wuhan. The book exposes a litany of lies and cover-ups that reached all the way from Wuhan to the corridors of the Deep State in Washington. One of the slipperiest customers in the story is none other than America’s “Covid Czar”. Fauci is accused of not just recklessly enabling the Chinese research that almost certainly unleashed the SARs-CoV-2 virus, but keeping a damnable silence on what he knew, when it all hit the fan.

Donald Trump has accused his former top medical adviser Anthony Fauci of staying silent in Oval Office meetings at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic about the risky research under way at the Wuhan Institute of Virology his agency had funded.

The research in question is “gain-of-function” research: essentially, engineering viruses to be even more virulent and deadly. The risks of such research are so obvious that it was banned by the Obama administration. But Fauci is accused of funnelling money, via an arms-length chain of quangos, to gain-of-function research in China. Fauci denied this in his Congressional testimony, prompting Senator Rand Paul to brand him a “liar”.

The former president makes the allegations against Fauci, his former top medical adviser on the coronavirus, in the documentary, based on the new book, What Really Happened in Wuhan. Mr Trump makes bombshell claims about some of the intelligence he saw that convinced him the virus escaped from a Wuhan laboratory […]

As Mr Trump’s top medical adviser on the coronavirus, Dr Fauci was in his inner sanctum and present for every meeting on the virus as it started to spread globally.

At which point, it seems that Fauci maintained a careful, self-serving silence on what he allegedly knew.

Mr Trump said Dr Fauci never once told him the Wuhan Institute of Virology was genetically manipulating coronaviruses.

“Well, no he didn’t,” Mr Trump said. “Anthony’s been in government for many, many years, is a bureaucratic kind of a guy, a very great promoter. I give him an A-plus as a promoter and probably a C or a D as a doctor or a scientist.

As he shielded the president from the fact America had been funding coronavirus research in Wuhan, Dr Fauci publicly insisted Covid-19 came from an animal.

Only in the past few months has Dr Fauci acknowledged the possibility Covid-19 may have originated at the Wuhan institute, although he now claims he always had an open mind.

The biggest problem for a serial liar is keeping track of their lies. Whatever the truth is, it seems plain that Fauci is spinning ever more desperately to exculpate himself.

Dr Fauci has admitted he funded coronavirus research in China to avoid an outbreak in the US […]

The research was undertaken at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, mostly under the direction of virologist Shi Zhengli. The US had no oversight of the activities in the laboratory and there was no transparency or accountability for how the funds were spent.

The laboratory has still not made its virus database accessible to health authorities or foreign governments after taking it offline on September 12, 2019.

The Australian

But should anyone have trusted the Wuhan Institute of Virology to undertake risky research in the first place? Supposedly built as a co-operative enterprise with France, the French were turfed out by the CCP the moment the lab opened. Bioweapons experts specifically named the Institute as a site of concern for bioweapons research. At the same time, leaked papers show that the Chinese military were explicitly exploring bioweapons research.

Funnelling money to gain-of-function research in Wuhan was recklessly playing with fire. Dr Fauci gives every appearance of a kid trying to hide the empty box of matches while the house burns down.

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Fauci’s Damnable Silence on Wuhan

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