This Government is step by step leading desperate business owners down a pre-determined path that will end with our society being divided into the vaxxed and the un-vaxxed. The un-vaxxed will be treated as second class citizens, stripped of many of their basic human rights.

Unvaccinated customers could be barred from entering shops, pubs, and restaurants if pressure to open the economy and Covid-19 concerns persist.

[…] Smith said with higher vaccination rates, New Zealand could avoid lockdowns which destroyed hospitality businesses.

This is part of a two-pronged strategy by the government to increase the pressure on the public to coerce compliance with their 90-100% Vaccination mandate. Lockdown was the first prong as the carrot of freedom from lockdown restrictions has been waved in front of our noses if enough submit to the jab.

Now a tantalising carrot of hope is being waved in front of desperate business owners…take away the rights of the unclean unvaxxed and we will let you open up and earn money again.

Businesses in New Zealand were now seeking guidance on whether vaccines could or should be mandatory for customers.

[…] “You can hear people starting to talk about vaccine passports, because obviously people are keen to be getting open again,” the downtown Auckland business group CEO said.

[…] Hospitality NZ president Jeremy Smith said no jab, no entry issues had been discussed but the industry needed Government to take the lead.

The government are duplicitous as they do not want to take responsibility for it. Instead, they want to tacitly approve of business owners who do resort to it in complete desperation.

Segregation, C. 2022. The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

The Whitehead Group managing director said once the first successful prosecution in a no jab, no entry case happened, the floodgates would probably open.

[…] “I’ve had an employer ring me up and say they have a staff member who is unvaccinated, and they’re having pressure put on them by the contractor they have to rely on.”

The contracting company said it wasn’t happy working with businesses employing unvaccinated people.

“It’s very difficult for smaller employers.”

Whitehead said people who did not get vaccinated were likely to have their freedom of movement and lifestyle severely restricted in the near future.

Even more chilling there are calls for law changes to allow businesses to fire their employees without facing any legal challenges for unjustified dismissal or for discriminating against them in order to avoid legal claims of disadvantage from staff who don’t want to work with the unvaxxed.

“The government has a duty to respond … and make it lawful for business to adopt a hard-line mandatory vaccination programme, subject to exception on medical grounds.”

He said currently, employers could face disadvantage claims from employees worried about entering a workplace with unvaccinated staff and clients.

But businesses banning the unvaccinated from the workplace could face claims of unjustified dismissal or disadvantage.

“So an employer is damned if they do and damned if they don’t, as matters now stand.”

NZ Herald

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