Panic Porn expert and Chicken Little, Michael Baker is yet again predicting terrible calamity will befall us all if we don’t listen to him. Never mind that many of his fanciful claims have never eventuated, like the Tokyo Olympics will kill thousands or that the UK’s Freedom Day will be a mass spreader event.

This guy has been more wrong than right, and while he sits in his comfortable taxpayer-funded job lecturing everyone else about how lockdowns are great, he also wants us masked forever.

He announced yesterday that he thinks the masks mandates need to be tougher:

“Alert level 2 still doesn’t have enough controls on transmission of this virus particularly for students who go to school. There may be a bit of physical distancing but there’s not enough constraint of this virus so really this is a reason that we need an alert level 2 where everyone indoors is wearing masks including at school and school buses.

He said The Government should already be extending Auckland’s boundary south, instead of waiting until this afternoon’s planned announcement. 


Except masks do absolutely nothing to stop the spread of the virus. But don’t believe me, believe the data. Let’s look at Singapore, hard mask mandates and 80%+ vaccinated:

What about Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi?

Or the Philippines?

Or how about a glance across the Tasman?

How about comparing Israel, one of the most vaccinated and mask compliant nations in the world vs Sweden with almost no restrictions?

Are you getting the picture yet? Prof. Michael Baker is a functioning idiot who, unfortunately for us, is listened to by the idiot we have as a Prime Minister and the blithering idiots of the state-funded media outlets.

How many more facts do you need to know that mask mandates aren’t about controlling the virus, they are all about controlling YOU?

How about San Francisco?

Still not believing me? How about Israel again…highlighting the mask mandates in the most vaccinated country on earth?

Shhh…don’t talk about Sweden, no mask mandates, no vaccination mandates, and no lockdowns:


Arizona, California and Nevada?

We are being told a whole bunch of outright lies. Just yesterday Jacinda Ardern stood on the ‘Podium of Truth’ and told everyone that masks break the chain of transmission. As you can see that is a lie.

No doubt the NZ Police will add this article and me to their regular intelligence briefing as further evidence of “disinformation” that their secret social media monitoring has reported. Yes, they really do have such a team and yes, they are monitoring me and this site.

They are brainwashing you into complying. They are telling you that if you all get vaccinated, and if you all wear masks and if you all do as you’re told then eventually, some time in the future you will get your freedoms back.

We never should have had our freedoms taken away. But taken away they have been and the majority of voters are just fine with that.

But your freedoms have been taken away based on lies. The evidence from around the world is clear. Lockdowns don’t work, mask mandates don’t work and vaccines definitely don’t work.

If you think vaccines will make you free, then just look at Israel, back with mask mandates and lockdowns.

Vaccines set you free. Photoshopped image credit Cam Slater. The BFD.

You can’t comply your way back to freedom. Tyrants never give up their powers willingly, and the Police never relinquish their newfound powers either.

Until we have an Opposition and a population prepared to politicise the mask mandates by designing and giving away masks that mock and ridicule the overbearing power of the state it is up to individuals to resist in any small way possible the draconian interference in our way of life that Labour has promulgated.

So, don’t listen to the Prime Minister and Dr Ashley Bloomfield who still tell you to not talk to neighbours, stay at home, keep your bubbles small and behave. It is outrageous that we have mandatory movement controls around Auckland, requiring invasive tests even though we are healthy.

Be like Siouxsie and do as you please. Be like Jenny Gibbs and invite friends around for driveway drinks. Invite mates over. Go see your mates. Resist the overbearing state and their intrusion into our lives.

They can only keep us locked down if we let them. Deadly Delta isn’t deadly at all. We need to end the farce now.

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Inconvenient Mask Facts That Michael Baker Needs to Read
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Cam Slater

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