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So two polls yesterday reported similar results with Labour gaining support and up again in the mid 40’s and National losing support and in the low 20’s, thereby halting Labour’s recent drop in the polls. Once again Covid came in time to Labour’s rescue and the cynic in me thinks that the current lockdown may have been precisely engineered for this purpose.

The Japanese embassy posted a week before the lockdown was announced that NZ was going to be in national lockdown from 18 August. They must have been advised, otherwise, how would they know? But meanwhile, the government were still denying any rumours of a lockdown the day before they put us under house arrest again. Was it all planned and were people fooled and lied to?

Covid is the only thing this government have got and they are total failures in sound social and economic management of this country. Now once again we are subjected to daily lectures from the “podium of truth” with propaganda and fear-mongering and the Prime Moron telling us all how wonderful she is and how she is saving us all and therein ably assisted by the equally wonderful Dr. Bloomfield. And miraculously the polls go up again.

The propaganda and fear-mongering is further well supported by the bought and paid for media. The news broadcasts on both channels have become unwatchable and the reporting is extremely unbalanced. For instance, so far this week both channels spout misinformation on the Ivermectin medicine and repeating the claims by Bloomfield that it is ineffective for Covid, whereas overseas evidence clearly proves otherwise. And just now on TV3 another hit piece on JD and National and reporting rumours of another leadership challenge. It’s really getting tiresome.

Tova Mischief. Photoshopped image credit Pixy. Concept credit Juana. The BFD.

The media further keeps vilifying Judith Collins and the National Party on a daily basis and they totally fail to hold the government to account for their many failings or dare even question the government for turning NZ into some neo-fascist socialist apartheid dystopia. Take for example the pathetic reporting by Jessica Mutch Mckay telling us how fantastic our PM is for securing some more vaccine supplies from Spain, instead of highlighting the incompetence of screwing up adequate supplies of the vaccine in the first place. And of course, no mention that some European countries are trying to get rid of their surplus due to stalling vaccine rates.

However, the current lockdown comes at an enormous social and economic cost and it can not be too far away that the NZ economy will hit a brick wall. The government should realise that they cannot keep Auckland locked down and continue to print more money and create inflation without causing major damage. And Voices for Freedom reported this morning of higher rates of hospital treatment for parasuicide associated with Covid 19 lockdown in NZ children. Apparently, hospital admissions with children trying to kill themselves have increased by 125% in NZ.

Surely the question must be asked if these very real costs are really worth the futile attempt to achieve Zero Covid and it would be despicable if this lockdown was engineered to regain Labour’s favourable poll result.

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