We all know that Jacinda Ardern is a dissembler. Her favourite tactic, when faced with tough questioning, is to waffle on with meaningless babble, jargon and most importantly focus-grouped slogans to push her agenda. When that fails she turns to ridicule of the questioner or labelling such questioning as disinformation if it suits her purpose.

Yesterday was no different when she stood at the ‘Podium of Truth’ and was barraged with some very sensible questions about the continued use of lockdowns as vaccination rates increase.

Watch her dodge the questions, then mock the reporter asking the questions she doesn’t want to answer.

Basically, she isn’t ruling out locking us down at any time in the future despite her rather late rollout of vaccines.

Of course, we know this will be the case because every other country in the world with higher vaccination rates than New Zealand have all experienced surges in Delta.

Further, New Zealand is still using 40 cycles for PCR tests, even when WHO recommends 20 cycles because any higher generates false positives.

It is my belief, that this current lockdown, which is crushing the economy, was manufactured precisely to scare people into lining up to get the so-called vaccine. The rollout was late and slow and the Government needed to play catch up. Every other country that reached a certain percentage of the population vaccinated also experienced a surge of delta. Delta only started appearing after vaccinations started.

The so-called vaccine is an mRNA type of intervention, that when injected forces your body to manufacture spike proteins like those Covid-19 uses. PCR tests measure proteins and therefore it is no surprise that it suddenly detects spike proteins.

They’ve used fear to scare people into rolling up their arms and willingly subject themselves to a trial vaccine. Don’t be surprised then, that we will see continued outbreaks of the “deadly delta” variant around the country as everyone lines up for the jab.

So far the super deadly delta has claimed just one life, that of an over 80 years old person, with co-morbidities. The Prime Minister herself has said that most of the people in the hospital were un-vaccinated, so it is hardly the deadly virus it’s been made out to be as they didn’t die.

Any further outbreaks however will be blamed on the un-vaccinated, as the Prime Minister also signalled during yesterday’s press conference. This is all planned to further divide our nation and for her to use firstly, peer pressure, then coercion to get compliance from the population as they drive towards total vaccination.

But her non-answers to the questions about the further need for level four and three lockdowns should leave you wondering no more that this Government, addicted as it is to unfettered power, will continue to use economy wrecking lockdowns, even as other countries move to abandon the practice.

She needs lockdowns like dance party ravers need dexies.

Lockdown-Poll-results. Photoshopped image credit Pixy. The BFD

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