It should come as no surprise, but since lockdowns began, attempted suicides by young people have skyrocketed.

A study of Ministry of Health data has shown that Covid19 lockdowns significantly increased mental distress in NZ children.

The study, published in the international Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, shows that attempted suicides in NZ children aged 10-14 years increased from a baseline of 40 per month to a peak of 90 per month following the lockdowns in 2020.

Lead researchers Dr Gerhard Sundborn and Professor Cameron Grant reviewed the last 5 years of monthly counts of hospital diagnoses for children aged 10–14 years from the Ministry of Health, with classification codes for parasuicide (attempted suicide) for all New Zealand. The data included counts from mid-2015 to the end of 2020.

[…]Sundborn said the research showed there was a clear mental health cost to children from lockdowns.

This is shocking. But don’t expect any hand-wringing from our Commander-in-Chief-of-ending-child-poverty. You see, if we didn’t lockdown there would have been hundreds of thousands of deaths. And we know this because modelling says so. And we also know from looking at Australia.

The problem is that Covid modellers ignore things like human behaviour and natural immunity. They forget that many people, such as the elderly, will voluntarily self-isolate.

As for Aussie, according to our PM, NSW didn’t lockdown hard and fast enough, which is why they’ve got such big problem. We’ll just ignore Victoria, though, because, y’know, inconvenient facts.

Of course, B following A doesn’t prove that A caused B. But it seems to me to be a pretty big coincidence.

Suffer the little children.


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Attempted Suicides Skyrocket


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