It was short-lived leader Todd Muller who signed up media trainer Janet Wilson to be his chief press officer until the election. Previously she had been involved in media and election debate training for former Prime Ministers Sir John Key and Sir Bill English, as well as several other National Party MPs. Former leader Simon Bridges did not use her. Unfortunately, after being handed the poisoned chalice and having to hit the ground running, National leader Judith Collins was stuck with someone not of her choosing and someone known to be close to previous National Party deputy leader and wet, Nikki Kaye.

It now turns out that not only was she saddled with someone not handpicked by her, she was saddled with someone so unprofessional that she went to the media to diss her employer. Who now in National or any other party would hire such an unprofessional person, one who is quite happy to take the money thank you very much, but will then run to the media to bad mouth her employer?


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Unprofessional Face of the Day
Juana Atkins

Juana Atkins

Editor of The BFD: Juana doesn't want readers to agree with her opinions or the opinions of her team of writers. Her goal and theirs is to challenge readers to question the status quo, look between the...