On May 29, the country was shocked by images in the mainstream media of a lockdown protester punching a police officer. 

It turns out that newly released bodycam footage paints an entirely different picture than what was initially reported. 

In the middle of the controversy was Nick Patterson. Nick was peacefully protesting the coronavirus lockdowns with his mates when over one hundred cops confronted them and demanded they leave the area. 

Then, on their way home, the police hunted down the group and violently assaulted them! 

WATCH and SHARE the disturbing bodycam footage of police attacking Nick and his friends right here.

Can you believe this is happening in Melbourne, Australia? If I didn’t know any better, I would think we were living in Communist China. 

Nick Patterson was sent to prison for 29 days and only released on extreme bail conditions. One of those conditions excluded him from publicly speaking about the events that transpired that day. 

Why do you think the government and police were trying to restrict Nick’s ability to speak? Could it be that they don’t want you to hear the other side of the story?  

It’s up to us to share this footage far and wide to warn others that the way mainstream media portrays some police officers and lockdown protesters may not be grounded in reality.  

Yours truly,  

Avi Yemini
Chief Australia CorrespondentRebel News  

P.S. Victoria Police continue to dutifully enforce the state’s discriminatory and overbearing coronavirus restrictions. So please share this video with everyone you know to show people how quickly a once-free nation can devolve into an oppressive police state.


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Watch: Police Bodycam Proves the Mainstream Media Was Hiding the Truth
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