Yes, you read that correctly. It is blatant clickbait on my part but that was how I read it. In a backhanded way that was what was implied by one Joel Maxwell. He is a contributor to that dire, woke and socialist swamp, NZ Stuff and its Wellington, pimple on the backside, paper propaganda arm, the Dompost.

In case you don’t know, Maxwell is one of those legions of born-again Maori. They were cynically called weekend Maoris years ago. We all know the type, they ignored the small fraction of their ancestry that’s Maori for ages until it became fashionable and advantageous. Now they have to harp on and proselytise about it and all issues Maori to all and sundry, usually revolving around how hard done by they are.

It appears that nasty David Seymour got under Joel’s born-again bro-thin, woke skin when he had the temerity to reveal a blatantly racist Maori-only priority vaccination code. Joel then sets up the backhanded implication;

I’ll admit, Maori like myself were pretty angry about it. Some might accuse us of being ideologically driven, and that’s true – if the ideology was not wanting our whanau to die.

Naturally, this makes Seymour an activist to born again Joel. You could say ‘so what?’ but wait, there’s more. Joel then accuses Seymour of endangering the entire nation for “the sake of ideology and hurt feelings”.

Whoa, hang on. Doesn’t that describe every Maori activist you ever heard rave on? Especially the “direct action” part.

With the calculated tap of a device, Seymour ceased life as a politician, and became an activist. He hampered the rollout, disrupting an entire nation’s health for the sake of ideology and hurt feelings. I think they call it ‘‘taking direct action’’.

Then Joel applies a little bit of divide and rule comparing ACT to the Greens.

While National does the work of Opposition – transport spokesman David Bennett fretting over the inter-island supply chain, or Shane Reti grilling Andrew Little over Covid-19 – ACT is now more like the Greens, if the Greens’ aim was[sic…] to hurt people.

Well, the Greens just want to hurt the economy, but you could say that hurts people.

Then we have another comparison to the Greens but by accident as by slagging off ACT he actually describes the Greens.

This attention-seeking isn’t a surprise. Seymour leads an expanded caucus so anonymous it must keep in constant motion lest it lapse back into a cache of CPR mannequins.

Now the verbiage gets expansive and he moves beyond Seymour, obviously in love with how clever he is.

In a broader sense, the greatest pox facing the world now are these petty folk, their political proxies, freaking out for fear of losing power; all because boots might be lifted off the throats of others. Ironically, they needn’t worry.

I mean, Seymour aside, Aotearoa has become a bit of an obsession for people based in places like the US and England. Pundits, private citizens, want us to adopt their approaches.

So we cannot adopt their policies because they are accepting the reality that COVID will neither be contained nor go away and we cannot stay isolated like our dunderhead government thinks we can?

Joel is also conveniently deficient in his knowledge of history.

I don’t want to seem rude, but from an indigenous perspective the only thing England successfully exported was classism – oh, and syphilis. England didn’t even provide penicillin – the eventual syphilis-fixer was a Scot, Sir Alexander Fleming, and fungus. But seriously, despite a magnificent past, the likes of the US and UK have thoroughly messed up modern life.

Yeah, right. Never mind law and order; stopping continual tribal warfare and cannibalism; democracy; medicine and education to name just a few.

Now Joel is on a roll and loses the plot of what he was on about as his writing momentum out paces his brain. David Seymour is forgotten. Following is an expanded rant encompassing Britain and the USA.

And life, they are discovering, has a habit of compounding avoidably bad decisions. Take Brexit. In a fit of flaming idiocy the English broke away from Europe – formed a kind of human-centipede-of-one. Now as they deal with the unpleasant logistics, they also face a global pandemic. All while being led by a prime minister, Boris Johnson, who permanently bears the dishevelled, bewildered muzzle of someone woken from a nap with a face-hugger from Alien.

Hilarious. Great Britain frees itself from the limiting socialist EU yoke and it’s bad. The EU needed the UK, not the other way around.

Here it is now. Joel’s view on the world: isolationism.

Their failure is permanent now, affixed in history; shimmering like an indifferent North Star, a Polaris, over a thousand deaths-via-Facetime from lonely hospital beds. They need to leave us alone and, to coin a popular new phrase, learn to live with it.

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Smear by Implication; David Seymour Wants Whanau to Die.
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