Regional Victoria is now back out of lockdown after a cluster of covid cases in just one regional town, Shepparton. My town was bustling today with the carpark at the local Bunnings crammed with cars. While getting a few things at the supermarket, I had a quick look at the front page of the Herald Sun. Daniel Andrews is being pressured to set out a roadmap for reopening once 70% of Victorians are fully vaccinated. This will allow vaccinated people to go to pubs, restaurants and cafes.

On my way home I passed several pubs with patrons sitting in the garden bars enjoying the spring sunshine over a beer. But wait, hang on, I thought. Chances are, many of the people at the pub today are not vaccinated. Does this “roadmap” to reopening mean that these people who can enjoy a beer with mates at the pub today will no longer be able to once the 70% vaccinated target is met and only vaccinated people can enjoy a beer at the pub, even in the garden bar? Or does it apply only to Melbourne, meaning that unvaccinated Melburnians cannot go to the pub in Melbourne but can travel to regional Victoria for a beer at the pub? What is it, Daniel?

This leads to the question of unvaccinated people being segregated from vaccinated people. What is the scientific reasoning behind a fully vaccinated person having to be kept segregated from unvaccinated people? If a person who is fully vaccinated is protected from whatever disease or illness the vaccine is intended to prevent, why would you need to be kept apart from people who have not had that vaccine? 

We keep on getting told by politicians that they are relying on the best medical advice, but we are never given the details of that advice and the reasons behind it. Could we please have it explained in simple terms why segregation based on one’s vaccination status is required? This has never been a feature of previous flu pandemics or any other pandemic. One cannot help thinking that other factors are at work and that there are hidden agendas at play. Certainly what is playing out is neither rational nor credible.

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