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Auckland University has announced via a newspaper full page advertorial, a new degree course, specifically a Bachelor of Communications.

I don’t believe in my long life of 10 hours daily reading, I’ve ever read such abominable guff. Reading through the advert’s verbiage it appears the underlying proposition is the importance of speaking and writing clearly, something utterly alien to whoever penned the advertisement. Here’s two examples.

First, the promoters of this new bullshit degree (to add to the lengthy list already polluting universities) ironically chose to put in large bold type in the advertisement, an item of mind-blowing illiteracy and poor composition, specifically,

The advertisement then concluded with the following world-class guff.

There are intangible reasons to justify say a year or two at university as a bridging experience between childhood and adult status. But otherwise, unless studying for a traditional career such as medicine or law, to a very large degree trusting and unworldly kids attending university today are victims of a gigantic fraud.

A few years back I recall reading of an English girl suing her university for wasting years out of her life pursuing an MBA. MBA degrees are blatant frauds, luring the simple-minded seeking letters after their names.

World-wide the great names in commerce mostly never went near a university. Commercial success relies on energy, initial sacrifice, knowledge of society and history plus from reading and passion, all non-teachable subjects. So too with success in other fields such as literature, journalism, politics, the arts etc.

The modern university is today largely a scam, exploiting the vulnerable with its ever expanding range of non-intellectual bullshit degrees.

My 2004 comic novel “Degrees For Everyone” made fun of this. Among the flood of praising letters I subsequently received were a surprisingly high number from senior university academics confirming the underlying proposition.

That same year Zimbabwe born, now Scot, Alexander McCall Smith, with a justifiably acclaimed academic career in medicine and law under his belt, published his satirical novel “Portuguese Irregular Verbs”. This was a glorious send-up of academic nonsense, in which the participants waste their lives at public expense, pointlessly pursuing esoteric imaginary elements of their utterly bogus purported field of study.

I trace the degradation of our university’s to Tony Blair’s aspiration around the turn of the century, to see half of all school kids go on to achieve a university degree. At the time this seemed a virtuous aspiration but it very soon clashed with reality, specifically that a large number of kids simply lacked the intellectual capacity to achieve this.

So to accommodate them universities invented bogus courses of the Fat studies, Gender studies, MBAs, Maori Wonderfulness ilk, in the process transforming themselves into competitive commercial enterprises while maintaining a veneer, largely imagined, of being intellectual institutions.

In fact nonsense degree courses and subjects had been present in America for a quarter century before Blair. For example, I know someone who obtained a degree in English Literature from New York’s most prestigious university, this in the early 1980s. Her degree included a unit in tap-dancing. A Florida university offered a 3 year degree in Muhammad Ali studies about the same time.

All of this is a liberal western world phenomenon, the likes of China for example, in its relentless and inevitable path to becoming the global superpower, maintaining a hard-headed realism on such matters and doubtless viewing this as yet further evidence of western decline.

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The Contemporary World’s Biggest Fraud
Bob Jones

Bob Jones

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