I’ve gotta hand it to the mainstream media: every time I think they couldn’t possibly outdo themselves with the sheer brazenness of their lies, they go right ahead and prove me wrong.

“Russian collusion”, “Muslim ban”, Brian Williams’s hair-raising scrapes in Iraq, “a rape on campus”, armed militia at the Capitol, the “killing” of Brian Sicknick: all of these were not just lies, but obvious and knowing lies. They were stories that obviously stretched credulity to breaking-point and the media as often as not knew they were lies. Yet they kept shrieking them, day in, day out, for months.

They’ve never apologised and certainly never reformed their ways. In fact, they’ve just doubled down.

Over the weekend, numerous Leftists with blue checkmarks on Twitter shared a story originally “reported” by Oklahoma news outlet KFOR, which breathlessly published the claims of a single doctor who claimed the state’s emergency rooms were being overrun with patients who had overdosed on the veterinary version of Ivermectin, forcing gunshot victims to wait. KFOR apparently didn’t reach out to any hospitals to verify the doctor’s claims before publishing the story.

This is just a rinse-and-repeat of last year’s hysteria over hydroxycholoroquine. Back then, you’ll remember, the media were almost giddy with excitement at reporting that some stupid MAGA troglodyte had poisoned himself with hydroxycholoroquine. Except that what actually happened was that a well-educated man was poisoned by his vindictive harpy wife, with a completely different chemical.

But Ivermectin is the pharmaceutical Goldstein of the moment, so you know the media were just dying for a story to beat up out of nothing at all.

It was then picked up by Rolling Stone and Rachel Maddow, again without any verification. Northeastern Health System-Sequoyah, one of the hospitals mentioned in the articles, released a statement saying that the doctor who made the claims, Dr. Jason McElyea, hadn’t worked at the hospital in months and that it had no Ivermectin overdose victims.

As every good journalist should know, you should always be the most sceptical of stories that are just too much like what you want to hear. But good journalists are almost entirely absent from the mainstream media.

The story should have been viewed skeptically from the beginning, but since so many journalists and Leftists believe people in more rural parts of American aren’t as smart, they shared the story without question.

Drew Holden, a freelance writer, gathered a list of verified Leftists who shared the story — and their preferred narrative — on Twitter.

The most ironic sharing came from Brian Tyler Cohen, who hosts a podcast called “No Lie”[…]

Dr. Jason Johnson, a journalism professor, went a step further, suggesting — without evidence — that Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) was somehow profiting off of Ivermectin.

The Daily Wire

When supposed “journalism professors” are peddling obvious lies, is it any wonder that the mainstream media’s reputation is sinking somewhere beneath the festering sludge in the bowels of public reputation?

The alleged “curated media” are liars and fools. Which is why you need independent media. We get things wrong, too, sometimes, but at least we try to tell the truth as best we can. The mainstream media don’t even want to: especially the mainstream media who are tied to the government’s purse-strings.

Their self-declared mission is that influence matters more than the truth, and their only interest is serving their government paymasters.

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Media Repeat Obvious Lie about Ivermectin

Lushington D. Brady

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