If BFD readers think that their mainstream media are ludicrously paranoid about the festering racist underbelly of the Land of the Long White Supremacy, rest assured that even Paddy Gower has nothing on the arse-clowns in the Australian media.

For over a week last month, the Nine Entertainment mastheads and their tabloid television inbred sibling, 60 Minutes were in full McCarthy mode. “Nazis under the bed!” was the story for the Australian wokenpresse. Even the fall of Kabul was a secondary story to the devastating news that a handful of obscure edgelords went camping. Yep, you read it first in The Age, folks: we’ve got camping Nazis!

The Fall of Kabul barely rates a mention. The BFD.

Oh, they also met at one of their mum’s houses in the suburbs to do a bit of Rex-Kwon-Do or something, and babble inane nonsense about Jews. So basically, the Greens with a fitness obsession and even sillier costumes.

The whole thing is a Fairfax press/Channel Nine (60 Minutes) hitjob (via a paid snitch who secretly filmed) on an obscure group called National Socialist Network, which we’ve written about here before but stopped because, as said, they’re obscure and there’s only so much you can say about this stuff and they’re not hugely important or interesting.

I challenge any reasonable person who watches the video concerned to not burst out laughing. No doubt the sight of a handful of LARPers playing dress-ups and doing Roman salutes in a cave at a holiday camp would send the ninnies of the mainstream media screaming for the smelling salts, but everyone else has likely sprayed their screen with coffee about now.

Because the truth is that little gaggles of loons like these have been goose-stepping around the bush for most of the past century. But, unlike, say, in sophisticated, cosmopolitan Europe, they’ve never been more than the looniest fringe of the fringe. They’ve certainly never amounted to any kind of actual threat. Mostly they’re only remembered today by political science majors doing the academic equivalent of holding a torch under their faces and telling spooky stories.

Today’s sad little National Socialist Juniors wouldn’t even rate that much of a mention, were it not for the hysterical pearl-clutching of the media and the sort of person who floats to the top of public service spookery. The same folk who flatly denied that any refugees were involved in terrorism (when a sizeable percentage of the terror attacks of the past decade have indeed involved refugees), or that African migrants were disproportionately involved in violent crimes (when, in fact, they were 39 times more likely to be convicted of assault and nearly 90 times more likely to be convicted of aggravated burglary than any other group), are now waving their hands and trying to terrify us that there are Nazis Under the Beds at every turn.

They had the gargoyle boss of ASIO on there, Whatshisname, saying 50% of ASIO’s work was now right wing extremism. Last year it was supposedly 30%, and then it went to 40, so at some point it’s going to go parabolic and will reach near 100%[…]

It’s all nuts, and, if you’re ever trying to red pill your friends on how we are ruled by face dancing lizard people and they’re just laughing in your face then show this photo of the ASIO boss. It might work.

Clown World Australia
Definitely not a lizard person. The BFD.

Meanwhile, the media and spooks, who are constantly flabbergasted that certain mosques just seem to keep being associated with bomby-stabby types (“How does this keep happening?” they ask), are leaving no stone unturned in following wannabe Nazi losers filming ludicrous videos of themselves acting like complete geese in semi-public.

Well, I’m sleeping better, knowing that our fearless defenders of freedom are on the case.

Frightening images of neo-Naz… Oh, wait, that’s rock group TISM. The BFD.

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Media Are Terrified of Larping Clowns

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