I want to acknowledge and sincerely thank the NZ Police who shot and killed the Sri Lankan born Kiwi Terrorist within 60 seconds of him starting the attack after picking up a knife off the supermarket shelf.

I can only imagine the countless man-hours that have been spent by surveillance teams and a strategic tactical team shadowing him on a 24-hour basis because he was a known serious threat to the safety of the NZ public. They had to do that and we taxpayers had to pay the bill for it because no one made the decision to kick him out of New Zealand after his last stint in court for planning a knife terror attack.

I personally am very happy that he was shot and killed as I would not like to see any more taxpayer dollars wasted on this terrorist, who shouldn’t have even been allowed to remain in New Zealand after his previous conviction.

The person or persons who thought that having teams of Police shadow this guy around the clock rather than kick him out of New Zealand should be held accountable. Anyone so dangerous that Police were literally 60 seconds away from him when he started his terror attack should never have been allowed to remain in New Zealand.

The Police did their jobs and they did them well. I thank them sincerely for removing this scum from New Zealand permanently because our government failed us. They could have deported him just like they could have refused the ISIS bride and her children entry to New Zealand and now 6 people have paid the price for our government’s “kindness.”

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Thank You NZ Police
Juana Atkins

Juana Atkins

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