Darroch Ball
Sensible Sentencing Trust

“The revelation that the terrorist who stabbed six people yesterday had been released on bail in July and was facing active charges shows a total failure inherent in our system,” says Darroch Ball co-leader of Sensible Sentencing Trust.

“The decision and ability to grant this knowingly dangerous individual bail is a direct dereliction of duty by the court, a titanic failure of the law, or both.”

“The fact is our soft justice system has directly allowed a dangerous ISIS-sympathising terrorist to be put back into our community and attack innocent kiwis.  How this has been allowed to happen beggars belief.”

“It should be the number priority of the system to ensure our communities are safe – this hasn’t happened.  The fact that the court and the law allowed the considerations of the knowingly dangerous ISIS-sympathiser to be put ahead of the community is unforgiveable.”

“One of the guiding principles of the Bail Act 2000 is that the court must take into account that certain people who have been charged may pose a risk of harm to the community, and that they may offend again if bailed.”

“Multiple agencies knew the terrorist was an imminent threat to people and yet he was allowed into the community.”

“How was this man released?”

“It is clear he was a danger, it was clear he was charged with a violent offence that would carry jail time, and it was clear there was a high probability that he would re-offend.”

“This horrific incident has shone a spotlight on a number of pieces of legislation that have huge gapping holes running through them.”

“Both anti-terrorist laws and current bail laws need immediate changes to stop this from ever happening again.”

“It has been pointed out on multiple occasions the weaknesses and failures of our current bail laws.”

“This violent, dangerous, terrorist, should never have been allowed out onto our streets.”

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Terrorist Attacked on Bail – Unforgiveable System Failure
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