A nurse rose as they entered and came to attention before the Director.

“What’s the lesson this afternoon?” he asked.

“We had Elementary Sex for the first forty minutes,” she answered. “But now it’s switched over to Elementary Class Consciousness.”

Aldous Huxley, “Brave New World”

Every day, it becomes clear that it’s not a question of whether the far-left are trying to normalise paedophilia. Instead, the only question is what are they doing to normalise paedophilia today?

And, almost on cue, nearly every day, the far-left let us know exactly what they’re doing to normalise paedophilia.

Two researchers at Montclair State University claim that “LGBTQ-inclusive” sex education should begin in elementary school.

But hang on, you say — this isn’t about having sex with kids. But that fundamentally misunderstands the way grooming works, whether it’s creepy Uncle Jack or an even creepier “rainbow” progressive.

As the term itself suggests, paedophiles don’t come straight out and proposition their child-victims, right off the bat. They groom them. It starts as something seemingly harmless that quickly slithers down the rabbit-hole and under the spider’s rock.

David Robertson predicted the progression of normalising paedophilia with almost uncanny accuracy, just a few years ago. It would proceed, he wrote, from gay marriage and transgenderism, to the complete abolition of gender as a fixed, biological fact. This is, he correctly noted, classic Marxist Queer Theory. Then it would proceed to polyamory, polygamy, and so on. Then paedophilia will be reframed as a “sexuality” and an “illness” (thereby absolving the paedophile of criminality).

That’s right where we are now. The left media are trotting out a steady series of sympathetic, “non-judgemental” stories on “non-offending” paedophiles. The kiddy-fiddler as a tragic hero.

Educators are expanding sex education into an over-arching program of Queer Theory indoctrination — and they’re getting their hooks into younger and younger kids. Consider, for example, “Drag Queen Story Hour”.

But that’s only just the beginning.

Eva Goldfarb and Lisa Lieberman of Montclair State University examined studies on sexual education ranging from grade school to twelfth grade. They found that “substantial evidence supports sex education beginning in elementary school, that is scaffolded and of longer duration, as well as LGBTQ-inclusive education across the school curriculum and a social justice approach to healthy sexuality.”

Of course, their idea of “healthy sexuality” is almost certainly not what you’d think of as healthy or normal. After all, leftists are praising the virtues of exposing children to “kink”. Schools are teaching pre-teen girls how to “safely” send nude selfies. Establishment journalists tout “porn for kids”.

After their review of 218 scholarly articles, the researchers concluded that there exists “substantial evidence that sexuality education is most effective when begun early and before sexual activity begins.”

“This review suggests that not only are younger children able to discuss sexuality-related issues but that the early grades may, in fact, be the best time to introduce topics related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, gender equality, and social justice related to the LGBTQ community before hetero- and cisnormative values and assumptions become more deeply ingrained and less mutable,” said the study’s conclusion.

Campus Reform

In other words, it’s all about indoctrinating kids into “Queerness”.

After that, it’s on to the next step in the grooming cycle.

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