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The utter foolishness of so many academics is constantly brought to our attention. But it’s never been more disgracefully displayed than by Auckland university hierarchy’s sheer mind-blowing stupidity in condemning five of their number for speaking the truth, namely, there’s no such thing as Maori science. Science has no ethnicity. It’s a system of hard facts based on evidence.

My favourite outburst emanating from this stupidity and definitely the overwhelming gold medal winner, came from an ecologist, Dr Tara McAllister, specifically, “…we (his Maori ancestors) did not navigate to Aotearoa on myths and legends”.

Take note Tara. For your ancestors to navigate to New Zealand they must first have known of its existence. Failing that they were simply adrift at sea.

This disgraceful episode showed loud and clear that the word “academic” must never be confused with intellectual. In New Zealand, in so many cases, they’re poles apart as well demonstrated by this shameful episode.

Underlying all of this is the current cult of Maori wonderfulness.

Meaning well is no excuse for dishonestly. But in fact, it’s terribly harmful to Maori betterment in promoting a sense of entitlement, fictional historic achievements and being short-changed by colonialism.

The recent episode that Maoris “may” have been the first people to visit the Antarctic, the basis for this claim being mythology and the ability to sail a boat, took a lot of beating, but the Auckland university hierarchy have undoubtably bested it with this Maori science absurdity.

How long before one of these bogus academic clowns announces Maoris have swum non-stop underwater across Cook Straight, based on mythology and the ability to swim?

It will happen and the shameless disgraceful Royal Society will endorse it.

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Bob Jones

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