Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser reported that the deaths included 5 under the age of 65 with the youngest being 15.

The story in The Advertiser is dated July 9, 2019. It is well before the world had even heard of Covid-19, and understandably, the South Australian Government was concerned.

South Australia’s deadly flu season is on track to overtake the record set in 2017 as the death toll leaps to 82.

And the number of deaths could already be much higher because it is taking authorities several months to analyse people’s health records.

At the start of this week, 19,964 flu cases had been notified to SA Health, compared to 1547 at the same time last year.

A health crisis of epidemic proportions which, by today’s standards, is surely a pandemic requiring total lockdown. Total isolation from other states and the rest of the world. At least triple masking and social distancing of 5 metres or more.

The Advertiser continues

Nationally there have been 231 flu-associated deaths so far this season and about 121,000 notified cases of laboratory confirmed flu, compared to 251,159 in 2017.

So just to get this into some perspective. In 2019 South Australia records 19,964 actually diagnosed cases of influenza (not positive tests from thousands taken) and 82 deaths.

No lockdown, no masks, no social distancing, no closed borders. Nothing. They just dealt with it.

Contrast that with 2021 in New South Wales, home of Australia’s largest city.

In the 24 hours leading up to 8pm on 25 July, they conducted 98,158 tests and found 151 “new cases”, and the state leadership has locked down the entire state.

141 as a percentage of 102,233 = 0.13792024101806657% and that has to mean that 99.8% or thereabouts of the NSW population is locked down for not testing positive – that sounds like a great plan………..

What exactly is a “new case”? Well, maybe somebody needs to define that and determine whether the simple answer is a cup of tea and a lie down like SA did in 2019. But honestly, this lunacy really does have to stop.

Daily Mail Australia can reveal working Australians contribute between $42.50 and a whopping $85 each and every time someone is tested.

New South Wales has so far conducted 8,601,718 tests which at $42.50 each is $365,573,015.

For the record: in 2017, Australia recorded 98,687 influenza cases. In June 2019 when The Advertiser article was published, they had recorded 69,281.

These statistics are taken from the Aust Govt Department of Health, National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System & Victorian Weekly Influenza Report and was Published as part of The Advertiser article

Currently, according to Worldometers, the total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in Australia is 33,082.

Seriously – what the hell are we doing?

The cost of Covid to the world will leave generations economically crippled, not to mention the social and psychological effects.

What will it take to stop them?


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South Australia Horror Virus Story – 82 Dead – 19,964 Cases Recorded


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