Jordan Williams
General Secretary
Free Speech Union

Our movement is becoming more diverse. Recently, National Party leader Judith Collins joined the Free Speech Union – the first National Party leader we’re aware of to join a trade union while in office. ACT’s David Seymour is on board too. And this week Matt McCarten has become a member. 

Matt McCarten, Chris Trotter, Judith Collins and David Seymour. Image credit: Free Speech Union

Matt is a former Labour Party Chief of Staff under two leaders (including Andrew Little). If you’d told me three years ago I’d help run a trade union with Matt McCarten and David Seymour as members, I wouldn’t have believed you!

If your politics sit anywhere between Matt McCarten on one end and David Seymour on the other, or somewhere between Judith Collins and Chris Trotter then join us as a member of the Free Speech Union.

Our power is solely from the number of Kiwis standing up for the cause. That’s why we need your support.

Matt sat down for a podcast interview about the centrality of free speech to traditional Left-wing politics and societal progress, why we should reject free speech being a Left-Right issue. 

Online submission tool: Making it easy for Kiwis to have a say on ‘Hate Speech’ proposals.

We’ve made it easy for Kiwis to have their say on the Government’s so-called ‘hate speech’ laws. If you’ve not already, take a moment to register a formal submission at

Auckland Public Meeting today.

Jonathan is in Auckland for a public meeting at 965 Great North Road, in Auckland today, 7pm Wednesday, 28 July.

For details and to RSVP click here.

Free Speech Union on Magic Talk with Peter Williams

Last week Peter Williams sat down with our campaign manager, Jonathan Ayling, to discuss the proposed laws. They discussed the dangers of having ambiguous and vague law, like the changes the Government has proposed.

Have a listen to the interview.


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What Do Matt Mccarten and David Seymour Have in Common?


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