Just how many lies have we been sold about the Wuhan pandemic? Not just the blatant lies from the Chinese Communist Party, but from our “sole sources of truth”? The daily shrieking of cases, infections, hospitalisations, blah-blah-blah.

These daily doses of fear-porn have been used to keep a largely compliant population in constant fear, labouring under the terrified delusion that they are living through the Black Death itself.

But what if the figures are bunkum?

More than half of Covid hospitalisations are patients who only tested positive after admission, leaked data reveal.

The figures suggest vast numbers are being classed as hospitalised by Covid when they were admitted with other ailments, with the virus picked up by routine testing.

Experts said it meant the national statistics, published daily on the government website and frequently referred to by ministers, may far overstate the levels of pressures on the NHS.

“Hospitals overwhelmed!” is one of the fear tactics used to justify lockdowns. The reality is quite different.

In the US, emergency field hospitals set up to cope with the predicted deluge stood empty and were quietly dismantled. Citizen journalists filmed supposedly “chaotic” hospitals looking practically deserted.

In the UK, too, ten so-called “Nightingale” field hospitals, set up to combat the pandemic, remained almost completely empty before being quietly dismantled. In fact, there were more empty hospital beds in Britain at the height of the pandemic than the year before.

Britain had more than 4000 more empty hospital beds during the pandemic than the year before. The BFD.

Now it’s looking as if the “wave” of Covid hospitalisations was just business as usual, combined with assiduously searching for a virus that wasn’t actually making many people sick.

The leaked data – covering all NHS trusts in England – show that, as of last Thursday, just 44 per cent of patients classed as being hospitalised with Covid had tested positive by the time they were admitted.

The majority of cases were not detected until patients underwent standard Covid tests, carried out on everyone admitted to hospital for any reason.

In other words, people were going to hospital for all the reasons they normally do. Oh, and a Covid test showed positive, as well. Most of them probably never would even known they had the virus unless they were specifically tested.

So, how many were hospitalised because of Covid, and how many just with it? The health bureaucracy is refusing to say.

Last month, health officials instructed NHS trusts to provide “a breakdown of the current stock of Covid patients”, splitting it into those who were in hospital primarily because of the virus and those there for other reasons. So far, NHS England has failed to publish this data.

However, the patterns shown in the leaked figures – with the vast majority of hospital Covid cases being diagnosed after admission, in some cases weeks later – suggest it includes large numbers likely to have been admitted for other reasons[…]

Prof Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, said: “This data is incredibly important, and it should be published on an ongoing basis.

“When people hear about hospitalisations with Covid, they will assume that Covid is the likely cause, but this data shows something quite different – this is about Covid being detected after tests were looking for it.”

Prof Heneghan urged the Government to publish clearer data, including whether or not the virus was the primary cause of hospital admission.

No doubt the fear-mongers and paid government shills will blither that it doesn’t make any difference, that “covid is covid… and… uh, save lives”, but it absolutely does make a difference. After all, we know that the vast majority of people infected with the Chinese virus will not get seriously ill. A significant number will not even know they have it unless tested.

If dodgy figures are being used to gin up a panic, the threadbare legitimacy of draconian restrictions is even less justifiable.

Greg Clark, the chairman of Commons science and technology select committee, on Monday night said[…]”If hospitalisations from Covid are a key determinant of how concerned we should be, and how quickly restrictions should be lifted, it’s important that the data is not presented in a way that could lead to the wrong conclusions being drawn,” he said[…]

The leaked statistics come from NHS daily situation reports, collected by all hospital trusts in England.

One NHS data expert said the published statistics distorted the true picture, saying: “It creates an impression that all these people are going into hospital with Covid, and that simply is not the case.

People are worried and scared and not really understanding the true picture – that is what I find despicable.

But there is more than just legitimacy at stake for the public health bureaucracy.

On Tuesday, NHS leaders said the health service is as stretched now as at the height of the pandemic in January and made a plea for extra funding.

The Telegraph

Never let the truth get between a trougher and a pile of taxpayer’s money.

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