Prime Minister Ardern was at her sneaky, evasive, furtive and frankly, petulant best when she was asked some rather straight-forward questions over her Government’s funding of the Mongrel Mob:

She refused to answer a single one of Ryan Bridge’s questions. She showed her petulance when pressed, and constantly used her frowny face to metaphorically tell Ryan Bridge off for basically making her squirm as though she had a bad case of worms.

When she is on the back foot she rolls out the first name of the interviewer as she tries to take control of the uncomfortable interview.

When that fails she goes back to her school ma’am attitude of demanding to be allowed to finish her word soup of an answer.

Her uncomfortable behaviour and demeanour can only mean one thing: she knows that this isn’t playing well with middle New Zealand.

But she is going to double down and try and brazen it out. The National party have got her on the back foot over this one; they need to press home the advantage.

Jacinda Ardern will be hoping that no one finds out and publishes more unsavoury details about Harry Tam and his reign of terror in the Hawkes Bay. Reformed is not a word that can be used to describe this unrepentant mobster.

Long may the Prime Minister cuddle up to the Mongrel Mob. Their stink is starting to replace her usual smell of pixie burps and unicorn farts.

New Zealand’s growing gang numbers are Jacinda Ardern’s “real Kiwis”. The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

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Sneaky, Evasive, Furtive and Petulant
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

As much at home writing editorials as being the subject of them, Cam has won awards, including the Canon Media Award for his work on the Len Brown/Bevan Chuang story. When he’s not creating the news,...