Why on earth has Jacinda Ardern let today’s covered face of the day and her children into New Zealand?

She won’t even name the terrorist who committed the Christchurch massacre yet she is welcoming with open arms a woman who was married to an ISIS terrorist who committed countless atrocities.

Even if this woman did not actively take part in the torture, rape, sexual slavery and murder she and her children were part of it, did nothing to stop it and witnessed it. She will be at the very least a brainwashed, hardened fanatic who will have taught her children to hate.

At the very least her children will be severely traumatised by what they saw and for all we know they may have even taken part in some of it just as their mother may have. There are plenty of photos showing children holding up severed heads and it is well known that ISIS use children to kill prisoners.

Bringing into the country this kind of person is not acting in the best interests of New Zealand or its people.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described Aden as “an enemy of our country”.

Aden had dual citizenship, but Australia revoked her Australian citizenship and Ardern said New Zealand had an international responsibility to look after its citizens.

“New Zealand has not taken this step lightly. We have taken into account our international responsibilities as well as the details of this particular case, including the fact that children are involved,” Ardern said.

NZ Herald

Jacinda Ardern’s actions are completely unacceptable.

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