Blackout, Author Candace Owens

“Liberalism is a symptom of remarkable privilege,” says Candace Owens, the charismatic American political activist and speaker. Blackout, Threshold Editions NY, printed in 2020, gives reasons why ‘it’s time for a black exit”.

BLACKOUT, author Candace Owens.

This well-written book in 300 pages tells why blacks should stop voting for the Democratic party and vote for the conservatives. The front cover implores, “How Black America can make its second escape from the Democratic Plantation”. She dares to ask, what have blacks got for their loyalty to the Democratic Party?

BLACKOUT, author Candace Owens

Owens did not always see it that way and at the beginning she could not imagine Donald Trump becoming the President of America but has since become one of his prominent cheerleaders.

Candace gives credence to her grandparents who uprooted the family when she was 9 and took her family to live with them. The grandparents instilled values of hard work, respect, and learning that even the ‘smallest actions were manifestations of character’. Her grandfather would serve everyone but if she came to the table without speaking, she soon learnt to say ‘good morning’ to get a warm greeting and breakfast.

Candace is often compared to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Latina socialist activist. The similarities are that they are two black women born the same year. Candace is 32. Their political interests however are poles apart. Ocasio–Cortez, a member of the Democratic party, says Owens, relies on class warfare – a struggle between the haves and the have nots. 

Owens, on the other hand, says:

In times of true injustices, no one debates gender pronouns and microaggressions. {…} This was especially true for black Americans in the segregated South, during a time when engaging in any inappropriate behaviour – hanging out in the streets past dusk, public intoxication, using a facility not designed for your skin colour – could amount to more than just embarrassment. It could amount to death. Conservativism then is about sense and survival. Leftism is a plaything of a society with too much time on its hands.   

Owens does not gloss over the statistics.

It’s an uncomfortable truth that black Americans commit a disproportionate number of crimes in this country. Of the 6,570 homicides committed in 2018, blacks were responsible for 2,600. We, (blacks) represent just 13% of the American population, yet we commit nearly 40% of murders. 

Owen’s chapters jump right into topics with intelligence and courage. Among the subjects, she discusses slavery, Christian faith, culture, education, socialism, family and conservatism. She explains that many in the African American community are turning right as they become aware that the Democratic party are racist. It annoys her that the Democrats treat blacks like they are “stupid”, “victims”, and need to be wrapped up in cotton wool and have their liberties infringed, as they will never be self-reliant. Their ideologies and handouts hold back the black community from rising out of poverty and living successful lives.

Black America, much like the Jews in the Old Testament, has been liberated, but led back into the wilderness by the false prophets of the Democrat party.

The 13-page bibliography gives ample scope for wider research possibilities to any student or reader. I would like this book studied in New Zealand high schools and colleges. As her detractors unfairly say, I enjoyed this book essentially because I am white. I see New Zealand facing similar issues.

Only a black minority woman could write such a book with such forthrightness. This bright young woman had 100 million views in four days when she shocked the world by bravely telling the whole truth about George Floyd, when he was being hailed as a hero and BLM was raging across the country. It is infuriating to the left.

As Candace Owens walked down the aisle to marry her English soon-to-be husband, the irony of these lyrics being sung by the congregation was not lost.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind but now I see.

– John Newton, hymn writer: a former slave trader from Great Britain

Owens in 2018 married Oxford University graduate George Farmer at the Trump Winery in Virginia. Farmer, a white British conservative, is the new CEO for Parler.

The foreword is written by Larry Elder, a conservative radio host. He quotes:

In 1997 Time/CNN poll asked black and white teens whether racism is a major problem in America.{…}   Eighty nine percent of black teens said that racism was a small problem or no problem at all in their daily lives. In fact, more black teens than white teens called failure to take advantage of available opportunities a bigger problem than racism. 

(Interviews on The Candace Owens TV Show)

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Book Review: Blackout, Author Candace Owens
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