There’s no question that the Police Minister’s appearance on the programme yesterday was an epic fail. And the fallout has been immense, with calls for the Minister to be sacked.

I really wanted to know why she was so dead against those Armed Response Teams. What had stiffened her spine. Let alone her never never opposition to the general arming of the police. No matter how many cops are attacked or shot. […]

The Police Minister duckshoved my suspicions by arguing that she was solely representing the concerns of Maori, Pacific and South Auckland communities, not the pressure groups.

Now the whole interview could have got sidetracked if I had got preoccupied over whom she says she’s representing. She’s the Maori and Pacific Minister of Police, apparently.

[…] She’s inadvertently blown a gaping hole in the Prime Minister’s oh so earnest pledge on election night. “We will govern for all New Zealanders.”

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