When journalist David Farrier left New Zealand his return journey was only a vague concern. Now he spends hours a day refreshing a yellow and white webpage attempting to get back into the country.

Image credit The BFD. David Farrier

And so my week has been spent on a fun website called allocation.miq.govt.nz. This website is my home away from home, and my day is defined by setting aside a few hours each day to try and win a game called “Book a Spot in New Zealand MIQ”.

[…] And here’s the thing: clicking these squares was incredibly stressful, as I knew that hundreds of other people were doing exactly the same thing — chasing the same recently-released MIQ spot as me.

And sure enough, by the time I’d completed the CAPTCHA test, the place was already gone.

The fact that made me feel both solace and anger? I’d been beaten by a bot. I hadn’t stood a chance.

And I’m not the only one:

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