Over 18 months since the Chinese virus first ’emerged’ in Wuhan, one thing is abundantly clear: they will never let us be free, if they can help it.

“They” are the unholy alliance of governments, public health bureaucrats and the mainstream media, all marching in lockstep with the Chinese Communist Party.

Lest this sound like the unhinged rantings of a Bircher paranoid, remember that we know for a fact that governments, from the US to New Zealand, abandoned pandemic policies decades in preparation, in order to explicitly copy the draconian actions of the CCP. We know that almost none of the authoritarian policies, from lockdowns to mass-masking, were recommended by scientific advice, even for pandemics far worse than the Wuhan virus.

They are also telling us of their plans for a “Great Reset”, in which we will “own nothing and be happy”.

As we are seeing in places like Britain, they will never let us be free again, if they can help it. Britain’s leading COVID advisor, a long-time Communist Party member, openly calls for masks and “social distancing” to be compulsory forever.

And, despite being promised a “Freedom Day”, and despite almost complete vaccination, Britons are not free at all. COVID “tracing apps” are sentencing hundreds of thousands of people to repeated house arrest.

The pandemic is turning into what politicians, the press and exasperated employers call a “pingdemic”.

In England and Wales, where the government’s Bluetooth-based contact tracing app operates, hundreds of thousands of people a week are being sent alerts – or “pinged” – and ordered to self-isolate because they have spent more than 15 minutes within two metres of a confirmed case.

Remember, “confirmed case” refers to someone who has merely tested positive to COVID (and, as British schoolchildren have discovered, faking a positive test to get out of school is disturbingly easy).

It doesn’t matter whether you are fully vaccinated – everyone has to self-isolate for up to 10 days if they are pinged. The app is also highly sensitive, with some even complaining about being “pinged” through the walls of apartment buildings and terrace houses.

More than 530,000 people were pinged in the past week – up 46 per cent on the one prior[…]huge numbers of people are being told to stay home just as Prime Minister Boris Johnson eliminates all remaining restrictions in England under his so-called Freedom Day experiment.

If the previous months of lockdowns weren’t enough to destroy private enterprise in Britain, the “pingdemic” is having another go.

The pingdemic is causing chaos in workplaces and has even forced some pubs and stores to close.

“We are in the unprecedented position of having to close stores due to staff absences – not because of COVID-19, but because of a broken and disruptive track and trace app,” said Richard Walker, the managing director of supermarket chain Iceland.

“Staff absences rose by 50 per cent last week and the trend is sharp and quick, not just affecting our own colleagues but those throughout our supply chains and logistics networks.”

Pub chain Greene King closed 33 local watering holes in just one week[…]So many crucial frontline healthcare workers were being forced to stay at home that Johnson has had to exempt double-vaccinated staff from self-isolation requirements, although those dealing with vulnerable patients will still have to comply with the old system.

The Age

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson might blither about getting “back to something like normality”, but there is nothing ‘normal’ about a population living in constant fear of being thrown into house arrest, forced vaccinations, mandatory masks, closed borders, and tightly-regulated speech and media.

If it looks like a dictatorship, goose-steps like a dictatorship, and barks orders like a dictatorship – it’s a dictatorship.

The BFD. Photoshop: Lushington Brady

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They Will Never Let Us Be Free

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