We are rapidly descending into a maelstrom of violent race-hate. Not, as the left would have you imagine, a world where white supremacists are waiting around every corner, and leaving nooses on garage doors and building sites.

No one would deny that white supremacists indeed exist – but they are very much an endangered species. The Klan in the US has all but vanished. In fact, the supply of actual white supremacists is so low that the race-hustling left have to literally hire black thugs in whiteface, to try and keep up the masquerade.

No, indeed, the real, violent race-hate we are dealing with – the actual systemic racism – is anti-white hate.

It’s Jim Snow we’re dealing with, not Jim Crow.

The signs are everywhere, if you bother to notice. Black-on-white violence vastly outnumbers the reverse. Black-on-white homicides in the US are almost double white-on-black: an even more alarming statistic, given that blacks are just 13% of the American population. American blacks are 13 times more likely to kill a white person than vice-versa.

Violent crime in Britain shows a similar racial disparity.

Which makes it even more alarming that London’s Muslim Mayor is celebrating the commemoration of a black race-murderer.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan defended the impending placement of a statue of John Chilembwe, an anti-colonial activist who ordered the decapitation of William Livingstone in front of his children and then displayed his head on a pike, saying it served to “reflect London’s achievements and diversity.”
Yes, really.

Now William Livingstone was not exactly a guiltless fellow. The manager of a colonial estate in present-day Malawi, Livingstone oversaw a harsh regime – although it is now acknowledged that he did so under pressure from the estate owner. Still, he was undoubtedly an oppressor.

And Chilembwe was equally undoubtedly what we would today call a violent terrorist.

Chilembwe led a violent revolt against the Bruce estates, which culminated in William Jervis Livingstone and other European colonizers being decapitated on his orders.

In 1915, Livingstone was beheaded in front of his own children and Chilembwe subsequently displayed his impaled head on a spike during a church service.

So at a time of increasing racial tensions – thanks to unconscionable race-hustling of the left – Britain is tearing down statues of even the people who led the fight against Nazism, and erecting statues to “politically correct” race-murderers.

When challenged on his decision to green light the statue, even as a ‘woke’ statue commission works to remove sculptures of historical European figures, London Mayor Sadiq Kahn said the statue “reflect(s) London’s achievements and diversity.”

Shaun Bailey (who is black) told Khan, “this is a man who sanctioned the murder of people… he did sermons with the head of his opponents on a pike.”

Summit News

But his opponents were white, so it doesn’t matter.

This should be no surprise, though: the “spiritual leader” of the violently racist Black Lives Matter movement is Assata Shakur, a black terrorist still wanted for the murder of a white policeman in 1973. The 2017 “March on Washington” featured as a key speaker Donna Hylton who was convicted for the torture murder of a gay white man. A “black power” rally in Tulsa last month exhorted participants to “kill everything white in sight”.

The race-hustling left doesn’t just hate you: they want you dead.

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Sadiq Khan Celebrates Race Murderer

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