Darroch Ball
Sensible Sentencing Trust

Minister of Police Poto Williams has put in neon lights the underlying reason that she isn’t going to arm police is because she fundamentally believes Police are subconsciously racist and cannot be trusted with guns, says Darroch Ball co-leader of Sensible Sentencing Trust.

“Williams today stated that her decisions on whether or not to arm police was based solely on the views of the ‘community she represents’ – making it clear that community she is talking about is not Police or even the New Zealand public – but Maori and Pacific people.”

“Williams even said that the only reason the Armed Response Teams won’t be reinstated is because Maori and Pacific people’s interactions with armed police over the years ‘have not been great’.”

“What about the effectiveness of those ARTs? What about police and community safety? What about the increasing threat levels of gangs? What about the wider public of New Zealand?”

“The Minister of Police should do her job and represent the Police community.”

“If Williams was doing her job, she would know that the vast majority of frontline officers are feeling unsafe, unable to function in the increasing threat level, and want to be permanently armed.”

“Police are being attacked, assaulted, and shot at in record numbers and the Minister needs to be making decisions based on their safety and ability to protect themselves and the community – not some politically charged implication that police are racist.”

“This Minister is in total Rigor mortis dealing with gangs and firearms incidents – and it is any wonder when she puts officers and community safety a distant second to the ‘community she represents’.”

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Police Minister Doesn’t Trust Police to Be Armed in ‘Maori and Pacific Community’
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