Ho, hum. Just another day, just another fib exposed.

“Emails released under the Official Information Act show a long chain of communication between Vani and staffers in Ardern’s office. The emails also reveal that Ardern’s office was informed earlier this year that Vani’s project had narrowed from a book about women in leadership to a biography of Ardern herself.”

“Misled,” she said, but y’know she was only told three times.

“The office was told in three separate emails earlier this year that Vani’s book had changed to a biography of Ardern.”

The title didn’t raise any eyebrows, or questions either; no clues there.

“Vani even gave the office a heads up about the book’s title, Jacinda Ardern: Leading with Empathy. Vani said she would share images of the different covers the book would have in the Australian, British, and North American markets.”

Ardern’s office offered two photos for the book that she was “misled” about.

“one of Ardern in the aftermath of the March 15 attacks, and another of her at Waitangi Day commemorations.”

Ardern’s office even wished the author good luck.

“A staffer, whose name was redacted from the emails, wished Vani best of luck for the future publication.”

NZ Herald

Misled? Come on New Zealand, when are you going to see through the wrapper? She’s not the Messiah, she’s just a naughty girl.

PS: She knew nothing about the movie either, nothing at all, no sireee. Not a thing.

Liar. Photoshopped image credit Luke

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Another Day, Another of Ardern’s Fibs Exposed


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