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Today’s comment was written by George Thank you George for taking the time to craft such an interesting comment.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This quote is an adaptation from a 1867 speech by John Stuart Mills whilst addressing the audience of the University of St Andrews.

It still rings true today. “The Howl of Protest” throughout the country yesterday represented hope for us all. We got a glimpse of the sun which has, for the last three years, been obscured by the long dark cloud of socialism. We could be forgiven if a few of us sat in the gloom wondering if the world we had created was evaporating into a cesspool of ideological madness. And it wasn’t for the want of trying by Ardern’s mob. Yesterday they were sprung. Their madness exposed for all to see.

New Zealand’s prosperity emerges from the blood, sweat and tears of those who venture into small businesses. They risk their capital, work many hours for little return and provide provision and services that consolidate society as we know it. Farmers, trades, retailers, entrepreneurs and many others distribute the rescores which generates the tax that provides Ardern with a half a million dollars salary just so she, and her administration, can sabotage those ambitions and aspirations. Enough is enough!

My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to those who organised the “Howl of Protest”. Good men and women doing something. To those who took part, you are the salt of the earth. For those of us who stood on the side-line cheering you on (of which I was one), we shared your frustrations. Yesterday was the beginning of the end of this Labour administration. Middle NZ is starting to rub the sleep from its eyes. We have found our voice. It must become louder and more often. The Ardern chapter of NZ history will not end well. It is up to us to continue the groundswell.

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