Simon Wilson is one of those irritating journalists who can’t see past their own blinkered ideology. He writes drivel. It’s drivel because it does not deal in reality. He thinks it is real because in his worldview we are either going to be burnt to a cinder or drown in about twelve years time.

Simon believes in the ravings of a child who should be at school but instead is being manipulated to preach doom and gloom.

Greta says the end is nigh. Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

His latest NZ Herald piece is doing his paymistress’s bidding by having a go at the National Party and musing that after one year of Judith Collins’s leadership, the party needs to grow up.

He goes all the way back to a regional conference on May 1 in order to highlight Andrew Bayly stumbling over Nanaia Mahuta’s name. The Herald, of course, also doing its paymistress’s bidding, has picked up on this and made a lead item of it. Who exactly needs to grow up here?

Simon unconvincingly links the Bayly incident to Judith wanting to have a serious discussion about the dangerous He Puapua document. He says people all over the country are talking about the relationship with Maori and are trying to work out what “partnership” means. That so-called “Partnership” is the root cause of the problem.

He completely ignores the verbal venom that’s been emanating from the Maori Party. He doesn’t mention that this government, at the behest of the teachers’ unions, scrapped Charter Schools, in which students from lower socio-economic groups including Maori were thriving and achieving.

The BFD. Cartoon credit SonovaMin

National was well into solving these problems until this juvenile bunch took office.

The point of National’s billboards is to hammer the subject matter home. It’s called marketing the message. Simon’s got a damn cheek criticising National when the current government is the most useless in the country’s history.

It’s no secret that National needs to be knocked into shape but that is exactly what Judith Collins, the Margaret Thatcher of New Zealand politics, is doing.

“ I can make decisions. I’m not someone who can’t make decisions. I understand there are always effects of that. Sometimes those effects are negative but I’d rather do that than not make a decision”.

National Leader Judith Collins

If that isn’t in stark contrast to the weak waffling woman currently in charge I don’t know what is.

National can win in a landslide if they promote two things:

  1. Exit the Marxist United Nations

2. Exit the dopey Paris Accord

That money would be far better spent on domestic issues.

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Simon Needs to Get with It


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