The BFD is very supportive of the fledgling Groundswell NZ protest movement and we encourage everyone who supports our Farmers, Growers and Tradies to put in an appearance if possible.

As an amateur movement in its infancy, info has been a little slow in coming out but there is now plenty to work with.

The BFD staff will be attending as many of the protests as possible and we intend to run a concurrent post keeping those that can’t be there informed, hopefully highlighting the magnitude of unrest around the country, and hopefully also providing a counter-view to what the MSM is likely to dish up.

So what is Groundswell NZ and what are the protests about?

Groundswell NZ started up in November 2020 following a meeting of the minds at a tractor protest in Gore. It was basically a group of concerned New Zealanders who were passionate about the environment they live and work in and believe there are far superior solutions to continue improving this than those being implemented in the new National Policy Statement. They are striving for a sensible, sustainable and above all practical solution to the problems being created by this Government and all their ridiculous overbearing controls on farming.

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No Farms, No Food. Banners being readied. Credit Groundswell NZ. TheBFD.

What they are talking about are the crazy, unworkable new regulations around farming, which are basically Labour telling Farmers and Growers how to Farm and Grow, with a one-size-fits-no-one, mishmash of expensive nonsense.

Over the last few months, a series of nationwide protests have been organised for around noon, this Friday, July 16th and these have grown to include not only farmers and growers but all New Zealanders who are being affected by the Labour Government’s draconian rules, regulations and above all, onerous taxes, such as the upcoming so-called ‘Ute Tax’.

The Ute Tax is really a misnomer however as this new tax will be on every newly registered vehicle in NZ that doesn’t fit the government’s as-yet unannounced threshold for ‘dirty’ cars. From what we have seen so far, this is likely to include anything diesel and anything big enough to tow a trailer, so pretty much anything that isn’t an EV.

Some may think that because they don’t buy new cars, they won’t be affected. But of course, everyone will as there has to be a trickle-down of the higher prices to secondhand cars, but the biggest cost to consumers will come from increased costs for the Trades and services that one might use.

Another major issue is the Significant Natural Area (SNA’s) land grab where the Government is effectively forcing many farmers to give up land into non-productive conservation blocks or similar.

Of course, having fools like Minister for the Environment James Shaw slagging Groundswell NZ off as “a group of Pakeha farmers down south” on a Maori radio station hasn’t gone down all that well either. It simply goes to show the arrogance and disdain that our Government holds for farmers and “Pakeha” in general.

So we here at The BFD would definitely recommend support for Groundswell NZ.

The protests are welcome to all. You don’t have to have a ute or a tractor, come in whatever you want. If you want to make up some sort of sign for your vehicle or placards to hold, please feel free to do so. The main stipulation is basically that there is a ‘No Dickheads’ rule.

Groundswell NZ is very cognizant of the fact that there will be people who feel very strongly about this Government and its current leaders, but this is not a time to be a redneck as that would only add fuel for the haters and wreckers who run our country, and of course, the Media who will likely be all over anyone crossing the line.

This is essentially the first national protest movement that is gaining traction and we should all be careful to not tarnish it so respectful attendance is requested. By all means, be noisy, get your point across etc, but there are a few rules for attendees to keep it all as professional as possible.

Groundswell NZ Facebook post.

There are now over forty towns around NZ organising events, from Kaitaia to Invercargill. Although the big cities of Auckland and Wellington seem to be missing out, there are events not too far away so we would encourage anyone in those areas to burn a bit of fuel and head to one of those.

I imagine the next protests might include a few more city-based activities. Here is a basic list of where the current protests are to be located. (Well except for the extremities but you get the idea!)

More information on each of these locations can be gained by clicking on this link, and you will be able to click on the red dots for your town and find information as to where to meet, the plan for the day, and who the local co-ordinator is.

So we’ll see you at the protests, and if not, maybe we’ll see you back here at The BFD come Friday for a post where we will be putting up, roving reporter style, what is happening, photo’s etc. We encourage you to forward your own photo’s and thoughts to us here and we will include them in Friday’s post where appropriate.

Messages can be emailed to [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.

Of course, it would also be great if you were to share either this post, or simply the Groundswell NZ website or Facebook page with your friends and acquaintances, and hopefully encourage them to also attend their local protest.

Please share this article widely.


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Groundswell NZ Protests. Here’s What You Need to Know.


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