Dear Editor

The Three Waters scheme being pushed by this Government is actually a lot more heinous than the points raised by many commentators.

In their honouring of the election debt the Labour Party ran up with the Ratana Church for the Maori seats, this Government intends giving iwi 100% control of fresh water and all of the ratepayer owned water-related infrastructure assets. A futuristic gravy train for iwi with the attendant extravagant directors’ stipends and jobs for the whanau.

No…. only 50% Maori governance the government say.  Really… does that mean people with Maori DNA will be disqualified from being appointed to the governing body on behalf of councils?  I think not and even if that were the case, local bodies and central government are now over-run with bone carving adorned, cringing white apologists, the sort who will wind up on the governing body and fall over themselves to comply with whatever iwi want. As I said, 100% Maori control.

Oh but the councils will still own the assets, say the government. Yeah right! Once the assets have been transferred to the governing body and then used as collateral for billions of dollars in loans all council and ratepayer ownership will have been well and truly lost forever.

As part of their election debt, the Labour Party have been trying to give iwi freshwater since they became elected. Winston stopped them the first time and now they realise the political cost of giving away every citizens birthright, they have come up with this particular piece of skulduggery to further their ends. 

This proposed legislation is another stain on the morality of the entire Labour caucus. They should be hanging their heads in shame!



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Letter to the Editor: An Election Debt Repaid


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