Newsroom journalist Marc Daalder appears to celebrate and support Cancel Culture.

Newsroom’s Marc Daalder.

Deplatforming is a truly despicable act that not only silences citizens exercising their legitimate democratic rights, but often also involves slander and extortion of third parties… threats to business reputations and results in the devastation of peoples lives.

Tim Wikiriwhi

Tim Wikiriwhi has blogged that the date of Marc Daalder’s Twitter post above correlates perfectly with the de-platforming of Kiwi Vinny Eastwood from Youtube.

Vinny’s channel boasted more subscribers than any mainstream NZ media outlet. Now it’s gone. In January this year, Daalder labelled Vinny ‘Far Right’.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Newsroom’s Marc Daalder.

Wikiriwhi believes that there is evidence of an active left-wing deplatforming gang that has been attacking New Zealand political commentators on radio, and on YouTube. They call their operation ‘The Great Deplatforming of Matariki 2021’

Attacks on free speech via cancel culture, deplatforming, especially on the internet have reached frightening levels both here in New Zealand and globally […] These attacks come from one direction… the Far Left[…] the Left have been blatantly stacking the deck in favour of their own political prejudices, and acting as the chief arbiters of what may or may not be expressed online.

Tim Wikiriwhi

In a world where we are constantly being warned about misinformation on the internet, the public are being fed propaganda by media about so-called far-right extremism. We are being told that the danger is so great that it justifies heavy censorship and the de-platforming of those unlucky enough to have been labelled far-right extremists by journalists such as Marc Daalder. This narrative is also being used to fuel the push for the new hate speech laws giving the would-be de-platformers a powerful weapon to add to their arsenal.

Harmless conspiracy theorists and garden variety conservatives are currently being labelled as Far-Right and racists by New Zealand’s left-wing de-platforming gang. They are a pack of vigilantes who amuse themselves by hunting for the mythical and extremely rare White Supremacist on social media and YouTube. Making videos critical of the left-wing agenda was all it took for two YouTubers, Lee Williams and Damien De Ment, to be targeted by New Zealand’s de-platforming gang.

Mark Daalder was on the hunt for targets […] when at some point Lee Williams and Damien De Ment came to his attention, possibly when they both spoke at an anti-lockdown protest in Auckland.

Having discovered they had expressed criticism of the UN Global Compact for Migration on their You tube channels was all Marc needed for his purposes. Marc knew this could be used as propaganda to frame them as ‘Far Right extremists’ and he set about to sell this narrative to the New Zealand public.

In an article written in September 2020, Daalder would label both Lee Williams and Damien De Ment ‘Far Right Speakers’.
The protest was peaceful and aptly named ‘The Liberty March’, and organised to voice legitimate concerns about how the Ardern government had acted in an oppressive manner in her handling of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Marc Daalder’s Newsroom article (Far-right speakers featured at anti-lockdown march Sept15 2020) is a textbook piece of Left wing propaganda designed to discredit public protests against […] Jacinda Ardern by associating the protest with the Boogie man of ‘Far Right Extremism’.

Tim Wikiriwhi

Daalder describes himself in his Twitter profile as:

‘Senior Political Reporter at Newsroom NZ covering Covid-19, Climate Change, far-right extremism and misinformation, tech and energy.

Reading examples of his work some may conclude that he tends to label any criticism of leftist ideology as far-right misinformation.

Lefties like Daalder think the best way to mount a counter-offensive is not to employ sound arguments, but to slander their character, then insinuate they are dangerous and ought to be censored and deplatformed.

Marc retweeted a whole series of graphs that demonstrated to fellow radicals the efficacy of deplatforming in reducing the reach of cancelled Youtubers.

Tim Wikiriwhi

Daalder doesn’t just report the news: he helps to create it.

” Williams has struggled to keep his channel going in the face of increased scrutiny. He has deleted the vast bulk of the videos from his channel after receiving a two week ban. The ban came after Newsroom asked YouTube why some videos, which appeared to conflict with its community standards, had been approved to remain online by the company.”

Newsroom ( Marc Daalder)

Some might call this activist journalism.

Newsflash to Daalder! Believing in controlled immigration that focuses upon migrants suitability to fit in well with New Zealanders common values and beliefs is *Not Far Right Extremism*!
I’m sure Marc knows this, yet is intentionally applying his own ‘misinformation’ for the sake of duping New Zealanders into thinking anyone who criticises Jacinda Ardern, or the UN Global Compact on Migration is an extremist.

The Truth be known national sovereignty and boarder controls are mainstream Kiwi beliefs!
Not radical… not extreme… and the desire to keep things this way is called Conservatism!

Tim Wikiriwhi

Marc Daalder has criticised Peter Williams for granting a platform to ‘Anti-Vaxxers’. Could Williams be the de-platforming gang’s next target?

How many more lives are going to be destroyed by the vigilantes behind “The Great Deplatforming of Matariki 2021”?


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The Great Deplatforming of Matariki 2021
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