It’s funny how the mainstream media’s mind-reading abilities just come and go, when it comes to terrorism.

There are times the media are able to divine instantly a terrorist’s motives. Even if that means flatly contradicting even what the terrorist says their motives were.

Other times, though, the media are flummoxed. Bewildered. Even if the terrorist very specifically selects targets and clearly states their motivations, the media remain all at sea.

It all seems to depend on the terrorist’s skin colour, religion and, most importantly, who their victims are.

For instance, Man Haron Monis, the Lindt Cafe terrorist, was a Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS, shouted Allahu Ackbar! and demanded a Shahada flag to wave. The media were puzzled about his motives. Mental illness, perhaps?

What do they want? Who knows? The media are flummoxed. The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

On the other hand, Robert Aaron Long clearly said that he shot up a trio of “massage parlours” because of his sexual addiction. Nuh-uh, scoffed the media, who just knew it was because of “racism”. Timothy McVeigh flatly stated that he was an agnostic, and his anti-government views were not dissimilar to something you’d read from an impeccable leftist like Noam Chomsky. Naturally, the media knew better: McVeigh was a “right-wing, Christian white supremacist”.

After all, the media just know these things when they see them.

The rest of the time, though, they refuse to see what they don’t want to know.

Former Deputy FBI Director-turned-CNN pundit Andrew McCabe was slammed on Tuesday for asserting that the motive behind the 2017 shooting of Republican lawmakers is still unknown.

Monday marked the four-year anniversary of the attack at a baseball field in Alexandria where top Republicans were practicing ahead of the congressional baseball game. The shooting nearly took the life of House GOP Whip Steve Scalise.

I mean, he was only a Bernie Sanders campaigner and Rachel Maddow fan, who targeted a group of top Republican politicians, had a list of Republicans in his pocket and specifically asked bystanders if the people on the baseball field were Republicans. Aside from that, though, it’s a total mystery.

McCabe, who was hired by CNN as a senior law enforcement analyst after his 2018 firing from the DOJ for lying to investigators, was blasted by critics on social media for suggesting the motive behind the targeted shooting of GOP lawmakers remains a mystery.

“McCabe is a disgrace. Hodgkinson literally had a list of Republican congressional members’ names and verbally confirmed their presences before opening fire according to witnesses and FBI report,” radio host Dana Loesch reacted.

“Left wing political activist: tries to murder an entire softball team of Republican senators and congressmen. Top FBI brains: We may never know what happened,” The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway tweeted.

“Hmm. You mean the Bernie supporter who asked where the congressional Republicans were while holding a rifle in his hand? Yeah, this one is a puzzler all right,” actor James Woods quipped.

Purely circumstantial!

I mean, it’s not as if he was part of a Facebook hate group.

Even Scalise himself blasted McCabe’s remarks[…]“He was in the Facebook group ‘Terminate the Republican Party.’”

Oh, come on: we all know that Facebook doesn’t allow hate groups.

Besides, start noticing that the media and the FBI are selectively running cover for certain, apparently protected, terrorist groups, and you might start wondering about other “unsolved” crime mysteries.

“When someone like McCabe pulls this when there is a clear pattern and documentation of baseball field shooting motive, but it’s not politically comfortable for him, it makes me wonder about things like the Vegas shooting, which we are told the FBI can’t find a motive”Spectator contributor Stephen Miller wrote, referring to the 2017 Las Vegas massacre that left nearly 60 dead.

Fox News

Well, it’s not as if ISIS claimed responsibility for that one. Just ignore the odd fact that ISIS had, just six months earlier, released a propaganda video targeting Las Vegas — and specifically the Strip, where the shooting was perpetrated.

It’s all just a mystery.

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