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Since I opted not to renew my subscription to Wellington’s Dominion-Post last year, I’ve kept readers informed of the consequences.

Up until a month ago I’d received spasmodically, six letters from this extraordinarily incompetent outfit, all signed by different names, and all claiming I owed them wildly different amounts.

One girl rang my Wellington office and asked my secretary whether she could come over to persuade me to change my mind. I’ll give her points for that initiative, not that we allowed her to do this. Others threaten debt collectors which left us all quaking in our boots.

Another made the ludicrous claim that on their website they advised they automatically renewed subscriptions unless notified. My sub goes back half a century, long before websites were dreamt of, but regardless, such an assertion ignores a simple principle of contracts, namely agreement by both parties.

Nevertheless, I pointed out to her that on my website, I claim the right to demand the Dom’ staff mow my lawns if I read their rag, which claim has the same legal standing as theirs, namely none.

Interspersing this barrage I’ve also received three letters from different Dom’ employees apologising and withdrawing these fraudulent attempts.

Well, bugger me, last week in came another letter addressed to someone called “Hi” and signed by a yet fresh name, specifically Pragya.

Pragya’s claim is for yet a different amount from the others, specifically $192.07c and again “threatens” a debt collector.

And Pragya warns this alleged debt “is on the edge of being sent to a collection agency”.

In my sixty years of commercial experience I’ve never encountered or heard of such mind-blowing incompetence as that of Stuff.

If I lodge a complaint for these highly illegal solicitations to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, doubtless the Dom’ will plead the screaming obvious, namely incompetence. I say illegal as the law is clear on billing for unsolicited goods and services.

But I’m torn. I don’t expect Stuff, purchased it will be recalled for $1, will last much longer, nevertheless it will be fascinating to see how long they will keep up these attempts

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