Brooke van Velden
ACT Trade spokesperson

The Government needs to let New Zealanders know where we stand with the UK on Free Trade after Australia got in first.

Australia struck a deal with the UK which allows more Australians to live and work there and more of their products to be sold tariff free.

New Zealanders will be wondering where our agreement is and why Australia got in first.

An FTA with the UK has been long sought after by New Zealand, our Government just hasn’t chased it as hard as our Aussie counterparts.

We need to know what Australia’s deal means for us and when our deal is coming.

Damien O’Connor needs to explain to New Zealanders where we sit and why Australia has pipped us at the post.

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Where Does NZ Stand on Free Trade Agreement?
Brooke van Velden

Brooke van Velden

ACT Deputy Leader | List MP | Wellington Central