Chief Science Adviser to the office of the PM, Professor Dame Juliette Gerard was reappointed last week for another three year term. Her first foray into the media was last weekend.

Gerard was pleased about the reappointment, stating that the prime minister must be happy with her performance, before being asked to comment on the origin of SARS-CoV2.

Scientists will never discount any theory but there are so many different ways it could have happened.

The wet market is sitting right there as a very plausible theory and a perfect environment for viruses to emerge.”

Dr Juliette Gerard Chief Science Adviser to the PM on Q&A Sunday 13 June

So many different ways for the virus to originate? I can think of two; where are the others? We were pummelled with the wet market theory; the lab theory was discounted by China and the WHO until recently when it grew legs.

Whatever Gerard was doing last week, or last year for that matter, it wasn’t investigating the alternative theories on the origins of the Wuflu virus.

The wet market theory relies on a missing animal link to transmit the virus to humans, but that animal has not been found.

The lab theory relies on the unusual features and genetic sequencing of the virus that signals human engineering.

Last year whistleblower Dr Li-Meng Yan said she believes the virus was engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“The Chinese government had lied about the origin of SARs-CoV-2 in Wuhan and covered up early evidence of human-to-human transmission. Researchers were silenced and threatened when they tried to reveal the truth. Worse, Yan says, the WHO was complicit in the cover-up.

The BFD September 2020

Growing scientific opinion about the possible validity of the lab theory has forced the WHO to take another look at it.

World Health Organization-backed team of international and Chinese scientists all but ruled out a lab connection for Covid-19. Their report, released in March, favoured a hypothesis that the virus known as Sars-CoV-2, thought to originate in a bat, infected an unknown intermediary animal before jumping to humans.

Nevertheless, in recent months the head of the WHO, the president of the United States, governments across Europe, and a number of scientists have all called for investigations into the possibility that the virus could have escaped from a lab in Wuhan.

The Coronavirus Pandemic 9 June 2021

Why did Gerard roll out the wet market theory, inferring it is still the preferred scientific theory despite growing interest overseas, including from the WHO, in the lab theory?

The Chief Science Adviser to the Office of the PM is not up to speed on the science which means the PM is not up to speed either. Or is it that they are both totally up to speed with the WHO’s PR signalling away from the lab and on the wet market theory?

Perhaps the PM’s confidence in Gerard is because, come hell or high water, she sticks to the narrative she is given ? The ultimate supporter of the PM’s essential PR machine.

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She Said Scientists Never Discount Any Theory


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