The National Party need to shift their ‘Tech Sector and Opportunities’ policy from fifth and make it their Number One Policy. Smart people should communicate with this huge group of tech-savvy young people who have grown up in the digital world to encourage votes for National.

Last year there were 1.16 million Millennials – the biggest group – in New Zealand. (Boomers numbered 1.08 million). Young people are a significant and diverse segment of voters. National need to be where Millennials are: internet, social media, and mobile devices.

Millennials are individualistic but are inspired by high-quality content and thought-provoking information which makes a connection. They want, and will demand, choices that give instant ways to make a difference. They do not want comfortable and normal.   

Labour did an excellent marketing job on the National swing voters in the last election. So good that many left National and voted for Labour for the first time. The PR/marketing/spin people used clever slogans that took away any fears about Ardern’s politics. They knew Ardern was a socialist and could take New Zealand down a left-liberal path, but the deliberately targeted slogans soothed away any concerns.

Dr Muriel Newman explained in her article A Master Class in Propaganda.

Labour’s regular election year focus group polling would have told them that to win over ‘soft’ National voters they needed to shift into the political centre ground and temper their socialist ambitions. As a result, Labour based their election manifesto on their 2017 agenda, and used conservative slogans such as a ‘strong and stable’ government and a ‘steady pair of hands’...

In the media conference the next day, Ardern specifically reassured New Zealanders about the agenda she intended to roll out, saying, “None of it will be new, because we laid the foundation for the next three years in the previous three years.”

Had the “soft” National voters realised Ardern was about to launch an onslaught of new liberal left policies, they might not have voted for her. 

National need to look at being on-trend and better not be ‘cheugy’.

Millennials are often regarded negatively by Boomers. While these young people are narcissistic, they are open and accepting and like change. They will tell you what they want and do not want to be ignored. They are often carrying huge debt from study and face high housing costs. They are more likely to stay at home longer, marry later, if at all, and have children later, if at all. They do not drink as much alcohol as previous generations.

What Millennials want from life is personal success, freedom, and to dress how they like. Working from home on Zoom conferences would be cool and easy. They define themselves through social media and networking. They want to make a difference, help those in need, and love making the world a better place. National interests come second to local community-oriented concerns, especially green issues. Team and fun are not important, but a good fit for them is crucial for work life balance, learning and development. They are anti-corporation and socially conscious.

18-24 year old College-aged Millennials are the first generation to grow up with computer and internet in home, 97% own a computer, 94% own a cell phone, and 92% text on a regular basis.   

Vector Marketing 

They want to be outstanding in their work and like to have goals and dreams. One of their top job desires would be to become a YouTuber or influencer.

They know maintaining a social media presence is vital in influencing audience purchase decisions. 71% of consumers said they perceive brands with an Instagram presence as more popular, entertaining and relevant. They are known for forward thinking, being informed and independent…

We disrupt the status quo and bring brands to life on social media.                                                                                                                


The 2020 USA election saw more than 10 million youth of all ethnicities vote early. It demonstrates they want to be heard. According to CIRCLE analysis of survey data, the youngest group of eligible voters, age 18-24, were also more likely to decide who to vote for during the campaign…, which suggests that to win their vote, National

  • needs to reach out early to newly eligible voters and
  • previously disengaged young voters who may not have made up their minds.

Ardern’s mantra of “we are a team of 5 million” is not likely to be popular with an individualistic millennial.   

Majoring on the Tech Sector and Opportunities is likely to excite a Millennial, but it better be ‘banging’.   

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Millennials a Potential Force Next Election
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