From the reactions we’ve seen across most MSM, you’d think Paul Goldsmith had taken it upon himself, out of the blue, to issue a statement about the benefits of colonisation to Maori. In fact, the whole story goes back to an opinion piece written by Mr Goldsmith in 2019 in which he said (among other things):

“Did the good outweigh the bad? Surely, we have to say, yes. Our self-belief and self-respect as a nation, which happens to enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world and which routinely sits near the top of broader measures of wellbeing – such as freedom and tolerance – depends on it.”


Alongside Mr Goldsmith’s article, was a counter opinion piece written by Kelvin Davis. Media balance at its best.

You judge if what was said in 2019 was in any way controversial, and while you’re at it, have a good think about what value there might be in revisiting that opinion today.

The 2021 rerun emerged from a tiny excerpt of a Newshub Nation interview which covered several matters but the basis of which from what I was able to gather, was about Goldsmith’s Education spokesmanship.

Out of the blue about half way through the interview while reflecting on history (and the history curriculum), the interviewer referred to that article from two and a half years ago and posed this question:

“Just to stay on history for one moment, you wrote an opinion piece in July 2019 that on balance, colonisation was a good thing, the good outweighed the bad, I’m just wondering, is that true for Maori?”


“Everybody will have their own opinion…”


“What’s your opinion?”

Paul Goldsmith:

“The reality is New Zealand was isolated from the rest of the world for ahh centuries and ahh at some point it had to reconnect with the rest of the world and ahh… that happened in the 19th century … it was always going to be very traumatic experience .. with it came all sorts of wonderful things such as ahh you know literacy .. such as the freedoms and democracy that have come through so yep … there’s good and bad”


“On balance, colonisation was a good thing for Maori?”

Paul Goldsmith:

“I think on balance it has been – yes.”

The interviewer then goes on to ask how many secondary and primary school teachers there are in New Zealand at the moment.

The sum total of the discussion about colonisation was 39 seconds of a 5 minute plus interview. In its context, it was an appropriate question appropriately asked and adequately answered.

It’s hardly earth shattering news in my opinion and is more reflective of media not reporting news, but making the news by reporting with absolutely no useful context, what is in fact an old event, as though it has just happened.

Using emotive, sensational language, leaving out the true context then utilising an assortment of comments from other politicians (yes we all know where this was going), many of whom demonstrated they’re as thick as pig excrement for allowing themselves to be drawn in and used as muppets for a story like this, Newshub has produced some successful clickbait for the week.

Well done for getting the clicks. Well done for making a story out of nothing. Well done for exposing the politicians who just had to wind into it and clearly, most of them had no idea of the context.

What a bunch of dimwits (and I vigorously exclude Paul Goldsmith from any role in this. He was straight and direct with a loser question which he couldn’t have avoided without looking like… well – most of the government front bench who can’t lie straight in bed – because they can’t).

While the usual Labour party ministers and MPs predictably relished the opportunity to put the boot in and give legs to this legless story, it is astounding to see that, despite National’s 2020 election disaster, few of them seem to have learnt to keep their simpering, idiotic opinions to themselves unless they’re absolutely sure what they’re commenting on.

If a reporter sticks a camera in your face and barks a question at you about a colleague, they’re not there to make you or your colleague look good. Smile and walk away. You’re not an expert on the whole world and actually, nobody really gives a toss what you think about what a colleague has said or whether you agree or disagree. Save it for the privacy of your caucus room. Let your leader speak for the party. (Note for Judith: you’re wasting your time trying to make inroads with MSM. Get your own stuff out on social media where you have total control.) But as for the rest of National: Really, you guys are more hopeless than we could ever have imagined. Pull your bleeding socks up!

Left: Todd Muller Right: Christopher Luxon

Todd Muller (hailed as a former leader) and Christopher Luxon (hailed as a future leader) managed to look like complete twits. Muller reminded me of why he was never going to make it as leader. What a limp-wristed, overly-sincere, virtue-signalling shambles and Luxon has convinced me beyond all doubt that he’s just as wet and that if the day comes that he’s elected leader, the last nail in National’s coffin will be securely driven into place.

Ironically, it was Simon Bridges who offered the most sensible response:

“It’s not black and white. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for colonisation so it can’t be all bad. I think that’s actually the point – the reality is it’s somewhat good, somewhat bad – it’s all these things, but I don’t know that trying to naval gaze and trying to feel guilty about that is going to make a blind bit of difference.”

Well done Simon. I can agree that your being here might be “partly bad” – just kidding!

Paul Goldsmith did nothing wrong and I hope he stays strong and doesn’t back away from it. We need some strength in National. The rest of them have shown how unlikely it is that they will return to the treasury benches.

Why would you feed the MSM anything they can use against you? Just walk past them.

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