Paula Bennett is obviously suffering from attention deficit disorder. She has burst into the media with a wee sook about how she thinks she was badly treated by Todd Muller when he axed her and ended Simon Bridges‘ leadership:

Former National MP Paula Bennett has spilled the beans on her decision to leave Parliament, saying Todd Muller’s treatment of her after Muller rolled Simon Bridges was “incredibly tough” and she was hurt by it.

In an interview for RNZ podcast series Matangireia, Bennett said Muller had told her there was no role for her in his caucus.

“I felt that I’d given not just 15 years, 20 years to this party and I got a phone call at 7 o’clock on Sunday morning after the Muller change and at that point he said to me ‘I’m going to rank you really poorly, I don’t see a role for you.’ That was incredibly tough really.”

She said she had not responded immediately. “I think it was later in that day where I made it very clear that actually, I deserved a degree of respect. He was showing more respect to Simon than he was to me, and I’d done nothing. It’s not like I did anything that caused me to lose that role. I was a consequence of the caucus wanting a change from Simon.”

NZ Herald

Oh diddums. What a rewriting of history. Where to even begin to address the misconceptions she’s allowed to manifest.

She moans about it being incredibly tough being told the face no longer fitted. She should be thankful that Todd Muller didn’t line up a hit job on her with tame media as Bennett did to Jami-lee Ross.

Then she demands respect. Sorry love, but respect is earned not demanded.

As for the claim that she’d done nothing…well..if you believe that sweetie, then you are one seriously deluded narcissist.

The problem Paula Bennett has is that she was first Bill English’s and then Simon Bridges’ mistress of the nasty. She fed hatchet jobs on her own MPs to tame media. She tried to set up male MPs in honey traps and just basically dripped poison into anyone’s ear who cared to listen. She was the problem, and was never going to be the solution. Which just makes this next statement laughable:

But there were forces that were bigger and at some point I thought ‘Simon and I are just going to be undermined the whole way through’.”

NZ Herald

The biggest underminers of Simon Bridges were in fact Paula Bennett and her feeble-minded assistant, Mark Mitchell. They were the ones dripping even more poison into the ears of caucus members about Simon Bridges’ poor leadership. They were the ones saying that they would take over and steer the ship right. Paula Bennett did that, and she wonders why no one liked her anymore. She was and still is toxic.

Her claims about the campaign plans are farcical.

She said at that point she had worked on the National Party campaign for 12 months: “they made it clear to me they weren’t interested in the work I’d done and the prep I’d done for the campaign. That was all just thrown out the window”.

There was nothing to throw out the window. She hadn’t done anything, other than corrupt the Candidates’ College. She controlled that with an iron fist, and engineered one of worst candidates into her previously safe seat of Upper Harbour. Make no mistake, Jake Bezzant was her preferred and chosen candidate to replace her, and she shafted hard-working members in her own electorate to do it. Blame for the Jake Bezzant debacle should be fairly laid directly at the feet of Paula Bennett.

The BFD. Paula Bennett and Jake Bezzant

The sad reality for Paula Bennett is that she is now irrelevant. She isn’t getting the attention she thinks, wrongly, that she deserves. She’s a spiteful, nasty, evil hag and the phone has stopped ringing.

The only sound she now hears is the familiar sound of no one caring.

Dry your eyes Paula and get on with actually having to do some work for a change.

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Paula Bennett Re-Writes History
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