New Zealand’s mainstream media won’t do it, so it’s up to the remaining independent-minded Australian media to hold a well-deserved blowtorch to the Ardern government.

First, Australia’s 60 Minutes has already given the prime minister an unexpected dose of tough questioning on China. Now, The Spectator Australia is publishing NZ writer Amy Brooke’s challenge to what may be the dangerous lies behind He Puapua.

BFD readers are of course familiar with He Puapua as the secretive blueprint for a New Zealand apartheid state. But behind that are years of lies and secrets pushed by successive New Zealand governments.

On 5 March 2019, New Zealand’s Labour Coalition, presided over by the now highly controversial Jacinda Ardern, set up a working group to implement UNDRIP (the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples).

Why? Our Prime Minister had no justification for doing this. She would be particularly ignorant of our history not to know the ancestors of today’s part-Maori were not indigenous to this country. Therefore, as this declaration is irrelevant to New Zealand, it should have been repudiated. That we have no indigenous peoples should have been pointed out – in other words, that we are unable to implement this UN declaration as it simply doesn’t apply.

Leaving aside the conspicuous secrecy, underhandedness and deceit of successive governments and race-hustling politicians is the One Big Lie of UNDRIP and He Puapua.

What is central to today’s increasing promotion of all things relating to Maori (much of it fake Maori, as with the largely made-up te reo – where scores of thousands of completely inauthentic words in ‘Maori’ are now being forced upon the country) is this claim that as Maori were indigenous to New Zealand, they should have superior rights. This is why it is so important that the claim be challenged and exposed for the falsehood it is.

Although [Pita Sharples] claimed to the UN that ‘Maori hold a distinct and special status as the indigenous people or tangata whenua of New Zealand’ he was quite wrong. Far from being indigenous, Maori were immigrants, just like the later colonists. The names of their different canoes, still known, brought their settlers between roughly 1320 and 1350 AD. They were not even the first arrivals in this country. In fact, the term tangata whenua which today’s part-Maori now conveniently claim refers to themselves as ‘the first people’ is inaccurate. Early 19th century Maoris freely admitted to historians, such as the eminent James Cowan, that they themselves used the term tangata whenua to refer to the original inhabitants of New Zealand – those they well recognised as here before them. Dr Ranganui Walker, former Professor of Maori Studies at Auckland University, wrote in the 1986 New Zealand Yearbook, ‘The traditions are quite clear on one point – whenever crew disembarked, there were already Tangata Whenua (prior inhabitants)’.

Of course, such a dangerous (for the race-hustlers) idea is fiercely resisted.

However, on archaeological evidence, others also previously found their way to these shores, very possibly including the Moriori of the Chatham Islands. Peace-loving Polynesians, they were later barbarously killed and enslaved to the point of genocide by invading northern Maori tribes, with the result that the last full-blooded descendant of the Moriori died nearly a century ago.

Spectator Australia

Naturally, the pre-Maori settlement idea is heavily contested, especially in academia. But, then, academics in Australia are wont to spout such obvious nonsense such as the Aborigines were in Australia for “millions of years”, invented democracy and had no experience of violence. No doubt New Zealand academics are cut from the same cloth.

But it’s easy to see why such an idea would be so desperately resisted. Pull away the prop of “indigeneity” and the entire edifice of Maori superiority collapses: colonisers, genocides, extinguishers of spectacular native species.

In other words, no different to the British who arrived just a few centuries after them.

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