Is there anything worse than a White Knight? You know the sort: they RESPECT WOMEN so much that they’re ever-ready to leap to their defence the instant anyone so much as mutters, “Ghostbusters 2015 wasn’t funny”. They’re so creepy and off-putting that even women want nothing to do with them.

But that’s a rhetorical question: of course there’s something worse than a White Knight.

And that’s a White Saviour.

The White Saviour complex is nothing new: in fact, it was the founding principle of the radical left in the 1960s. Former Weather Underground terrorists are absolutely clear on this: It was never about the Vietnam War, they emphasise. It was always about “the blacks”. Never mind that the Weathermen and their ilk were whiter-than-white kids from upper-middle-class families. White Saviours were already being mocked by Robert Crumb’s Fritz the Cat.

But White Saviour-ism never went away. If anything, it’s bigger than even Greta Thunberg for the leftist yoof of today.

At least, that is the impression given by hordes of pasty protesters marching with their fist raised amid the smoke and ruin of black neighbourhoods.

Like rich kids off to Africa on their gap year to ‘help the poor’, protesting has become a social game played by people who have no idea what kind of monsters they feed in the shadows.

Does anyone remember Kony2012? It was THE biggest thing in social media activism ever. Then it vanished without a trace. It was the paradigm “clicktivist” movement.

People who genuinely want to ‘make a difference’ usually go out and do so quietly. The ‘saviour’ trope is reserved for individuals who seek emotional gratification from superficial actions, and there are few things less helpful than waving bits of cardboard around while posing for Instagram photos.

Protesting against the powerful institutions and vested corporate interests that govern the nation is a dangerous undertaking. Rocking up to a weekly riot where the police kneel at your feet and the world’s largest businesses promote your efforts on social media is – quite literally – a walk in the park.

Look at their happy little faces. They live for this stuff. The BFD.

You only have to watch the White Girls and their Nosey-Nanna elders prancing around, playing dress-ups at an XR rally, to see that they’re having the time of their lives. They live, laugh and love for this stuff.

Activism related to Marxist and globalist causes has taken on a festival atmosphere. These events are popular because they require no sacrifice on behalf of the individual, while reaping the maximum reward in the form of a rising social status. This is what we call ‘virtue signalling’, where getting a photo of yourself with a raised fist or adding pronouns to your bio, signals that you are morally superior to the rest of society.

Of course, the people who spend all afternoon marching around insisting that ‘all land is stolen land’ have no intention of giving up their own homes.

But these narcissistic cretins are in fact the useful idiots for some very dark – metaphorically and literally – actors behind the scenes.

The purpose of these protests is not to solve an existential human crisis, but rather for certain political groups to take power without having to go through the inconvenience of election[…]

None of this would be possible without hundreds of thousands of brainwashed idiots showing up for the emotional grift.

As a recent BFD post argued, the seemingly endless conflict in Gaza is enabled most of all, not by Hamas or the IDF, but by “caring”, “humanitarian” NGOs and aid organisations. After all, if the warlords in Gaza could no longer rely on the rivers of aid that keep the Palestinian people fed, housed and schooled while Hamas builds rockets and buys automatic weapons, they’d soon come to the negotiating table.

Abetting violence and criminality might seem like a strange way to show solidarity, but the behaviour of modern white activists is not so different to the West’s international aid network propping up terrorists, corrupt governments and militias all over the third world.

The shared instinct to ‘do good’ is one of the easiest to corrupt[…]

Naivety and arrogance are the burden of youth, but when monetised by the most powerful people in the world, it becomes fatal.

The Good Sauce

But, hey, at least they put their pronouns in their Twitter bio. They’re allies, after all.


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How the White Saviour Complex Is Wrecking the West

Lushington D. Brady

Punk rock philosopher. Liberalist contrarian. Grumpy old bastard. I grew up in a generational-Labor-voting family. I kept the faith long after the political left had abandoned it. In last decade or...